How to get a gel manicure at home

Hi everybody!  I hope you and those you love are staying safe and are well.  Have y'all seen the memes about what all the girls will look like when the stay-at-home orders are lifted?  This is one of my favorites.  Have y'all watched the train wreck that is Tiger King?

I blame Carol Baskin for Joe's bad haircut and color. 

I also love this one.

Lucky for J, I don't color my hair anymore, manage my own brows and don't wear lash extensions but my weakness is doing my nails.  Because J and I are both self-proclaimed germaphobes and hypochondriacs, I do not go to the nail salons for my maincures and pedicures.  Plus (TMI ahead), I have a bad habit of picking away the skin around my cuticles.  This has been a lifelong issue that even resulted in an infection when J was in middle school.  I started biting my nails as a kid and then it escalated to the habit that I have now learned is a condition called excoriation (thank you psychology minor!) and is due to the stress and anxiety from the trauma I experienced as a child.  So open sores+nail salon tools = 🤢🤮  You can reassure me that the tools are sanitized until you're blue in the face but I will still not let anybody use them on me.  So that means, I do my nails at home.  Doing my nails at home has a two-fold benefit.  One is that it's therapeutic for me to be able to zone out, turn on one of my favorite Youtube channels and do my nails.  Who couldn’t use some decompression these days?  Am I right?  The second benefit of me doing my nails is that I'm less likely to pick at my fingers if they look nice and pretty.  But as much as I like being able to zone out for some self-care and decompression time, I am the most impatient person and don't like how long it takes for nail polish to dry.  I have tried several products to get them to dry faster: Seche Vite, Onyx Professional Nail Dryer spray, Ulta Professional Nail Dry spray, Revlon Gel Envy Diamond Topcoat.  Nothing got them to dry fast enough and I'd end up having to remove the polish and reapply.  Remove and repeat x 5.

But I finally found a process that works!  Last year I took Nathan over to a friend's house so the kids could play before they started school the next week.  As we sat there talking, the mom pulled out her gel polish kit and asked if I wanted her to do my nails.  Ummm...yes please!  She didn't have to ask me twice.  I will never pass up a chance to have somebody else do my nails.  As she did my nails, she went on to tell me how she had tried every gel polish available on the retail market but fell in love with the Gelaze line by China Glaze.  Since she started using Gelaze, her manicures last for two weeks.  I was majorly skeptical of her claim but I have to say that she was right.  Mine lasted two weeks and me being a self-proclaimed shopaholic, I went and bought everything she used in order to give myself gel manicures at home.

The best part about the whole process is that it only takes 12 minutes from start to finish.  I apply two coats of color polish, a coat of the gel clear coat.  I cure my nails between each coat under the Belmint LED nail drying light.  When I'm done, I can go about my regular business without having to worry about smudging them.  Of course, I'll never tell J that because wet nails can get me out of having to do the dishes or taking out the trash.  Ha!  😜

With a price tag of $11.69, Gelaze polish is a little more than popular brands such as OPI or Essie. To offset the higher price for the polish, I bought my first several colors when Sally's has their BOGO promo going on.  I have even managed to stack a coupon that was on a receipt on top of the BOGO promotion.  The downside of buying this polish from Sally's is that they don't carry all the colors, only a select few.  There is a larger color selection on the China Glaze site but you cannot buy through them directly.  Other retailers that carry Gelaze polishes are Wal-Mart, CVS, JCP and Amazon.  

So if you are missing you trips to the nail salon during this quarantine, I would highly recommend looking into doing gel manicures at home.  They're so easy and great for people who can’t sit still long enough for a traditional manicure to dry.  Most importantly, I hope that you are able to find something that helps you relieve during these stressful and scary times.  Stay safe out there!

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