Review: Kendra Scott Sterling Silver line first impressions

So about a month ago Kendra Scott released their sterling silver line of jewelry.  I was super excited because while I love Kendra Scott products, the reality is that most of her items are costume jewelry that is very prone to tarnishing and I can never justify paying full price for costume jewelry that I know will inevitably tarnish.

Then there's the fine jewelry line.  While I love the fine jewelry line, the prices are a bit steep.  While I know there are some rabid fangirls of her products that would happily pay the high prices, I can't justify the price tag when I can spend the same amount on better quality and bigger diamonds for the same amount.  I will say that I did buy a Marisa necklace last year but I used the birthday discount and a gift card my girlfriend’s gave me that made the price worth it to me.

When I found out about the sterling silver line, I thought it would be a great compromise between her costume jewelry and her fine jewelry.  I was hopeful that the silver wouldn't tarnish like the costume jewelry but be a more affordable option than the fine jewelry line.  At the moment the items are only available at the South Congress Kendra Scott flagship in Austin.  So for date night one week, J took me to go check out the new line. 

When we got there, Colton, the manager at the flagship store, told us that due to the custom nature of the engraving process, Kendra wanted to make sure staff were comfortable with the new products and engraving process with the goal of releasing the items to other locations.  Colton also told us that due to the custom nature of the items, staff cannot take orders over the phone and these items will never be available for purchase online.  

All items are sterling silver.  The gold and rose gold items are plated and I suspect the finishes will eventually rub off.  So are these pieces much better than the brass plated costume jewelry? 

After looking at all the products available, I decided on a signet ring.  I have always been drawn the simplicity of the signet ring and I loved the polished top and matte finish on the band of the ring.  With some help from Colton and J, I decided to have our last initial engraved on my ring.  The engraving is free and only takes five minutes which is nice compared to jewelers like James Avery that charge $20 and take a day to engrave items.  

I was super happy with how it turned out but I was nervous about scratching the top of the ring.  I try not to wear it around the house because I'm usually clumsier when I'm at home.  I try not to expose it to chemicals like hand soap, lotion or use abrasive paper towels while wearing it.  Despite the lengths I went to prevent damage, I noticed that the band was already tarnishing eight days after we bought it.  The whole time I was worrying about not scratching the top, the matte finish turned out to be more problematic.

Knowing that Kendra Scott has always made customer satisfaction a priority, I went back to the store and showed them the ring.  I gave them some feedback about the item and they made me a new ring.  I thought surely, the first ring was a fluke.  I took the same precautions to ensure I would not have the same issue.  

But within two days, I noticed thproblem in the matte finish again.  While I love the look of the matte, I feel that Kendra Scott needs to stop using the matte finish on these items until they are able to perfect the resiliency of the finish.  Otherwise, I expect a lot of items will be returned by other customers as well.  The thing that gets me about the flawed matte finish is that Kendra has been using matte finish for several other items such as the Fern necklace and the matching Barrett stud earrings that do not had this same issue.  Personally I would have been perfectly happy if the entire ring was polished silver if it meant not having these issues.  With that being said, I do plan to take it to a jeweler in the near future and have them polish off the matte finish.  I have such high ocd that seeing imperfections in the matte finish is driving me crazy. 

While I did have some issues with my particular ring, these issues will not stop me from exploring some of the non-matte items from the line because the top of my signet ring still looks great and has had no issues.  Now if I could only decide what to get next.  Oh the decisions.  

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