Life Dump: Spring Break edition

Happy spring break!  I've been on spring break for a week now but spent last week preparing for Nathan's 9th birthday party.  In years past, we would invite his whole class and turnout was always dismal.  That's the joy of having a spring break birthday.  People were always out of town.  This year, his spring break was scheduled a week later.  So we excitedly started trying to plan his party a few months ago.  This year, he has really turned into the typical teenager and has been living on his XBox.  So we thought it would be cool to have his party at PlayNation in the mall.  After checking it out, Nathan asked if he could have his friends over at our house and play Minecraft.  J being J, decided to turn it into a modern day lan party.  We borrowed our friend's XBox and he was able to connect them through our wireless router and voila!  We had our own gaming party.  The boys had a ton of fun.  While we would have paid for a party if that's what Nathan wanted, I was very thankful that he did want a smaller party because it always sucks to reserve a place for so much money to have less than half of his friends show up.  With such a small list of friends to invite, we ran the risk of the same outcome but if figured that if that happened, we could always turn the party into a sleepover.  Luckily, we didn't have to resort to that.  We were able to have a fun party here at the house.  

Nathan wasn't the only one who celebrated a birthday this weekend.  While we don't know when Buddy's birthday is, when we rescued him, the vet estimated that he was the same age as Nathan and Sunday was Buddy's 5 year rescue-versary!  It's hard to believe that he's been with our family and been our shadow for five years.  It feels like we just brought him home from my old office after he was left on the property by his previous owner.  When he lived at my old office, he had 16 acres to roam and seemed to love country life.  The funny thing about Buddy was that he was very timid around people.  He would sit at the office door during lunch and watch us eat.  When we would open the door to give him a treat, he would always run away.  He'd eventually come back and we'd watch as he would pick up the treat, drop it and repeat his ritual as if he was trying to make sure we weren't going to take away the treat or that it didn't have something harmful in it.  The day we realized he had been abandoned, it was freezing outside.  My office was in contact with his previous owner but he never mentioned if he had plans of taking Buddy with him.  In the meantime, I would feed him during the week and then on the weekends we would load up and come out to feed him.  I'll never forget the one rainy and cold night we went out to feed him and I was locking up the gate.  When I looked up, there was Buddy's nose in my face.  His sad eyes were begging me to take him home with us but he's a big dog.  Neither J or I had had a dog in years.  We had no idea what Buddy's temperment was and how he would react to Nathan.  I sadly had to tell Buddy to go back and as we drove away, I could see his silhouette in the middle of the road watching us drive down the dark, country road.  I got back out of the car and yelled for him to go back, promising to bring him home when the time was right.  A few weeks later, his owner surfaced and I finally asked him if he wanted us to take Buddy for him.  He gave me sad hug and that's the only answer I needed.  If you were to meet Buddy now, you would never know that he was timid.  He's a gentle giant.  He used to let Nathan run his toys along his fur.  He follows Nathan everywhere.  He loves visitors and the more kids around, the better.  The kids can be an inch from stepping on him and he'll just sit there taking it all in.  He likes to talk.  He likes to sing.  He likes long walks and car rides.  He LOVES gummy candy.  

Look at that smile.

After surviving a house full of boys on Saturday, I decided to take some girly me time while Nathan was at school today.  A visit to the new Kendra Scott flagship store to treat myself to a new pretty using Nathan's birthday discount seemed like the perfect escape.  I always love going into Austin because it's such a different vibe from the burbs.  For SXSW, Kendra Scott's motto is “Anything is possible” and that has been my motto this year as I finish my degree. As a kid, my mom would constantly remind me how stupid I was. When I got my acceptance letter to Southwest Texas State, she said that because I was so stupid, I didn’t get any scholarships and that they’d have to pay for everything. I began believing what she said. I fell into a depression and had to withdraw after the first semester. She berated me for being a failure but after I met J, he encouraged me to go back to school.  It was difficult working full-time and taking a full course load.  I trudged through classes thinking I would never finish but after finally receiving my associate degree in May, I finally saw an end in sight.  J suggested that I quit work and go to school full-time. We took a leap of faith and with J’s support and my determination, I’ll finally graduate in December. I truly feel that anything is possible and am so excited about things to come.  All that to say, never give up on your goals or dreams.  Go chase them.

I love how quaint and cute the little house is.  I would never have guessed this was amid the hustle and bustle of the SoCo.

It was nice to be able to walk around the empty store and check out EVERYTHING.  Usually J and/or Nathan are with me and I have to rush and make an impulse selection that I later regret.  After walking around and looking at all the sparkly things, I ended up picking the new Ryan stud earrings in diochronic glass from the Color Bar.  These studs have only been available for two weeks but they're already really popular.  I ended up buying the last pair in gold at that store.  I picked the diochronic glass stone to try and match my Stevie necklace.  My Stevie is an older piece and was made with a clear iridescent stone.  The newer diochronic glass is supposed to be the replacement of the clear iridescent but was created through a different process.  I had a pair of Danielle earrings e but sold them because the glass looked too green to me and they were too heavy for my ears.  I think the smaller size and faceted design of the diochronic stone for the Ryan meant they didn't look as green and I'm super happy with how they turned out.  

How cute is her dinnerware collection?!?  I showed J the picture of the dinnerware and he let out an exasperated sigh.  J didn't ask me if I'll buy it.  Instead he asked me when I plan on buying it.  Ha.  We aren't that fancy.  😂😂😂😂😂  Lucky him.  

Talk about a life dump.  I plan on spending the rest of this week volunteering.  I also need to get a head start on my reading for the next 7 week session of classes.  Classes start next week but so does Nathan's spring break and I am certain I will not have a lot of time to do school work while he's off.  So I guess I better go hit the books.  Hopefully, I be able to come up for air and write another post soon.  I've missed blogging like I used to.  Until then, take care!  

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  1. Your dog is the cutest, and what an amazing story!!!!!!!



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