Lazy Sunday Outfit Roundup 8/5-8/12

Happy Sunday!  Hope everybody had a great weekend!  This weekend's moto was relaxation from time at the lake to listening to the rain outside.  Perfect blogging weather.

Old Navy Peplum Top (cute option here)
Birkenstock Arizona Flat in Metallic Copper (more affordable version here and here)

The air conditioner at the Christian Resource Center was broken last week.  I picked this outfit not knowing if the air conditioner would be fixed.  But I went and got some hot coffee on my way just inc case it was fixed and I froze.  Sadly, it was not fixed and I was told it wasn't going to get fixed this year.  

Threads 4 Thought bodycon dress (cute option here)
Xhiliration Lace Tank top (similar here)

Old Navy swing dress (old but similar here)
Madden Girl Brando Footbed Sandals

LuLaRoe Lace Lindsay Kimono
Vanilla Beach bikini (similar here and here.  Love this one piece version!)
It's been a while since we've been out on the lake with our neighbors and the lake has changed so much in that time.  The lack of rain has made the lake levels drop and we could sea islands that were once under water.  The captain took us to a secluded cove.  It was a great place to just float and relax in the water.  It was so relaxing that we lost track of time.  We could have stayed in the water longer if it wasn't for some crazy clouds and wind that blew in.  Small coves with lots of boats plus wind made was a recipe for disaster, so we headed back to the boat ramp.  We got back to the ramp just in time.  Our neighbors managed to get the boat on the trailer and the sky opened up.  It's been raining on and off since then.  

Tiny (love this one!)

The rain let up long enough for us to go to church service and for us to pick up Nathan from Casa de Nana's.  Rain and temperatures in the 70s made it a perfect afternoon to crawl back into bed and listen to the rain puddle in my flower garden outside my window.  The sound of rain is just so relaxing and comforting.  Now I'm going to make me some Korean soup.  It's my type of comfort food on days like today.  Hope you are relaxing and enjoy the rest of your Sunday!  

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