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So if you haven't heard, Nordstrom's Annual Sale opened to the general public last Friday and ends August 6.  Cardholders got early access to the goodies a week early.  Since I am not a cardholder (don't be too shocked) I wasn't able to order anything until last Friday.  When I saw that the Articles of Society 'Mya' Skinny Jeans were on sale I had to have them!  I bought these 'Sarah' jeans last year (at full-price) and love them.  They are so comfy and they have enough stretch for my fluctuating weight gain and loss.  I figured I needed the 'Mya' a non-distressed pair because every time I wear these to J's parent's house, his dad comments I need new jeans.  Ha.

I was ready to go and put them in my cart when the site informed me that they were sold out but I e-mailed a friend who works at Nordstrom and she was able to track down a pair for me.  We were able to finalize the purchase using their awesome TextStyle app.  Send, click, pay and the jeans were on their way to me.  So, all this to say that 1) become bff's with a Nordstrom sales associate and 2) if something you want is showing sold out online, start texting your new bff to see if they can find the item for you.  

As you can see, these will need a little bit of altering.  #shortgirlproblems  The thing I love most about buying pants at Nordstrom is that they offer free alterations for anything purchased at Nordstrom.  They even hemmed a pair of Zella leggings for me last year because they were 6" too long on me.  Now they are the perfect length.  That service is a HUGE money saver for me.  I was spending $19 to have jeans hemmed.  So not only did I get my jeans for a great price but I get free alterations.  Score!  Like the Sarah's these are so comfy.  I have a little fluff I need to work off but nothing that I can't get rid of by eating salads for a few days.  

The other item that I was super excited about ordering were these Marc Fisher Ltd Vidal Ankle Strap Sandals.  

What really drew me to these sandals was the cutout on the front.  Most booties that are cut straight across the front tend to cut me off at the ankles but the cutout should be able to visually elongate my leg.  The ankle strap may still cut me off but I'm hoping I can just tuck those in under my jeans.  I'm debating whether to keep them or not.  I love they way they look and they accomplish elongating my short self, the open heel design causes my heel to almost slip up and out of the sandal.  But the ankle strap prevents that.   But I'm wondering if I could just deal with that because of the other pros of them.  I'm undecided.  I'll sleep on it (or in them) and hopefully make a decision soon.

The last thing I ordered this was this B.P. Rib Knit Cardigan.  It had been sold out since before the sale opening to non-cardholders.  But I diligently stalked the website and snagged one when it showed it was back in stock.  I just ordered it on Wednesday and got notification that it finally got shipped today.  I was anticipating it getting cancelled but Nordstrom came through.  

I have last year's version of this cardigan in olive and I wore it ALOT last year.  You can see how I styled it here, here and here.  This year they added a ribbed version and you all know how much I like textures.  Add.  I used to be a coat and jacket hoarder but since having Nathan, I can't stand the bulk that they always seemed to add.  And since I was usually carrying or holding Nathan when he was little, I would overheat.  Which meant I'd have to take the coat off.  Then inevitably put it back on when it was time to leave.  So layering with pieces like this cardigan, are a great way for me to keep warm without all the extra bulk.   

I didn't buy a lot.  I'm trying minimize my spending.  So I kept my shopping list to things that I felt would be versatile.  Did ya'll get anything?  I'd love to hear what everybody got.  Off to go do some purging.  I've already pulled out five pairs of shoes that need to go.  Hope ya'll have a good weekend!

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