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Hi there!  Summer is halfway over and I hope everybody is having a great one.  Hopefully you're staying cool(er) than we are here in Texas.  Ha.  Thanks to school it's been a whirlwind summer for me but we finally took a long overdue family vacation to South Padre Island last week.

Last year, two weeks before Nathan was supposed to start school, he informed Nana that he wanted to go to the beach.  She relayed the information to me.  Given that it was so close to the beginning of the school year, it was too late to schedule a trip.  I told him if he still wanted to go this year, we would go.

Around Spring Break I started asking him if he still wanted to go to the beach and the answer was a yes. We had originally planned on going with J's parents but things just didn't work out with our schedules.  They also thought that since it was our first real family vacation, that it would be best if it was just the three of us.

So on Mother's Day, while the guys slept, I sat at our kitchen island, browsing listings on Airbnb and found the cutest condo in Port Aransas and booked it.  After booking it, J got thinking that he always remembered South Padre Island being a nicer beach.  I've never been to Port A.  Anytime I've gone to a Texas beach, it was Padre.  The only concern I had with going to Padre was that it would be an additional three hours in the car.   The longest trip we've ever taken in the car with Nathan was three hours up to Dallas.  Pretty much immediately after we had the conversation, I got an e-mail notification that the owners of the condo declined our reservation. Somebody had booked it for the day before our check-in.  So the search continued but this time for a condo on South Padre Island.  It didn't take me long to find this condo that was super cute and affordable. So I booked it.  Happy Mother's Day to me!  Happy dancing ensued.

This summer has been full of mom guilt.  Since Nathan does not go to daycare and he has no interest in going to summer camp, guess who he hangs out with?  Yep.  In the summer, he spends a lot of time with J and his parents and sees a lot of them.  Which is fine but this summer is different.  In an effort to expedite my transfer to Texas State, I'm taking a Spanish class this summer.  J says that Nathan has been saying he misses me and Nathan often asks me why I even signed up for the class.  It's hard to explain the need for classes and higher education to him.  He doesn't understand.  What he does understand and know is that I'm not home to play with him every night.  Even on the drive to the beach, Nathan asked me if I was going to have to do school work at the condo.  I could tell that me being in school really bothered him.  I did take my school book and had planned on studying while Nathan slept.

With such a packed summer schedule, the trip kind of snuck up on us.  Before we knew it, we were packed and on the road.  Thank goodness for Netflix.  J was able to download a few of Nathan's favorite movies and they bought us a few hours on the road without having to hear Nathan ask if we were there yet.  Two wrecks, several traffic jams, a few one finger salutes and 6 hours later, we finally saw the bridge.  The bridge!  The bridge!

We pulled into the condo complex around 6:00 and by 6:10 we were at the pool.  Nathan was so antsy to get in the water that we didn't have time unpack anything beyond our swimsuits.    

We even managed to hit the beach as the sun was going down.

The last time I'd been to South Padre was in 2001.  I remember it like it was yesterday because like an idiot, I laid out in the dunes to try and get a tan for prom.  I ended up burning so bad that I looked like an eggplant by the time we started the trip back to San Antonio.  I don't remember a lot from those trips other than the beach was always crowded.  When we went to the beach bright and early on day one, there weren't a whole lot of people on the beach in front of our condo.  It is a public beach and has access points between several of the condo buildings but I think what helped was that this beach was not accessible to cars.  Overall it was clean and well kept with trash barrels every 100 feet, that were emptied frequently.  The first day was nice and relaxing and HOT!  After spending six hours on the beach,  J managed to burn and I got a migraine despite having a canopy and hydrating.   And remember those plans of studying I had?  Yeah...those changed pretty quick.  The migraine plus being six hours in the sun completely wiped me and J out.  Nathan?  Nope.  He happily watched Space Jam while he played with the marble run set he brought with him.

It was great having a condo so close to the beach.  We would get down to the beach and realize we forgot something.  No biggie, we were able to just walk back up to the condo and get what we had forgotten.  The people in the tent next to us must have been staying in one of the condos because they left their canopy and chairs.  They took their cooler (priorities!) for a couple of hours and came back with more people.  

It may be hard to tell because he's kind of scowling but he really did have fun!  He was probably scowling because I was interrupting his time in the water.  

There's a story behind that yellow bucket.  It used to be J's bucket when he was Nathan's age. Somewhere in his parent's house, lives a picture of J on the beach with that bucket.  The bucket was sitting in our living room closet but Nathan wanted to bring it and J of course happily obliged.  J and I are now on a mission to find the original picture.  

And this picture from our trip home pretty much sums up the whole vacation.  The quote of the vacation that I'll never forget is Nathan saying that if J and I were still alive when he died, he wanted to be buried there.  O.M.G. guys.  I guess that means he liked it there?  He cracks me up.  By day three, he was already talking about going back next year and staying at the same condo.  And on our last day, as J and I frantically scrambled to pack everything, I found him standing on the balcony where he whispered that he wished he could go play on the the beach one more time before we went home.  In retrospect, I wish we would have gone down one last time too.  We wouldn't have been able to stay long or go in the water because he has sensitive eyes and any debris not washed off his eyelid, results in a stye.  I seriously contemplated just washing his eyes out with some soap with the hose by the pool but J said we needed to get home to Buddy.  The one regret I have from the trip is that I didn't get more pictures but there are only so many pictures of the guys in the water I can take before they start looking the same.  I wish I had gotten a picture of the three of us on the beach.  I rarely manage to get into the photos with them because I'm the one taking the pictures.  My short t-rex arms aren't good for doing selfies.  They're not good for doing much of anything.  Ha.  But the bright side is that we've already started looking into renting the same condo again next year and hope to stay an extra day. Hopefully by then, we'll have more of a game plan on how to maximize our time there. Until then, I'll remember Nathan's goofy laugh as let  the waves crash into him, the breeze coming in off the water and the fun we had.  

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