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Hey there!  I'm finally done with my spring semester classes and I have been vegging and shopping. I'm making up for all the times I couldn't go shopping because I was swamped with learning a new job and taking one 12-week class and 8-week classes.  I've taken 8-week classes in the past but wow...biology is not a course I would recommend taking during an 8-week session.  I need another biology class in order to eventually transfer to Texas State and I will definitely be taking it during a 16-week session.  I was kind of disappointed in myself because I got a D.  My first D since starting classes again but hey...all I have to do is pass and by Austin Community College standards, a D is a passing grade.  So I'll take it.  My break will be short lived though because I start my 12-week Spanish class next Tuesday.  

While I dressed up at the last job, I also dressed fairly casual and trendy which I don't feel is a good look for my new role.  So I'm trying to buy more professional looking pieces.  Plus, since I started classes last fall, I haven't been able to run as regularly as I would like and I've eaten a few too many donuts.  Now nothing really fits.  So I kind of needed to find some new things that would hide the weight.  First stop?  Banana Republic Factory Store.  

I always forget that they have a petite section.  I browsed through the sale section and found this perfect eyelet dress.  It felt like it was made just for me.  And best of all?  It has pockets.  I managed to get it for $22 because they had 50% off on sale.  There was no way I was leaving without this dress.  

I also found this petite eyelet blazer.  I have another navy blazer from Banana Republic but this is a more updated version.  I kind of felt funny buying another navy blazer but the fit is much better than my first one.  I really wanted to like the top and the blush pleated skirt but the skirt was too big for me and I'm just not used to prints.  So they were a no.  

I did pick up a white pleated skirt.  I have been drawn to light and bright this spring.  I'd post a pic but it was a bit sheer and needed a slip, which I was not wearing and I was wearing polka dot granny panties.  I'll spare your eyes.  Ha!  I'm sure it won't be long before I post it in an outfit post.  It was a eyelet and white kind of shopping trip.  

So I've kind of gotten obsessed with thrifting.  I love finding deals.  So I follow Style Encore's IG account.  The other day they posted a Chanel for $875.  Like a moth to a flame I instantly had to see if they still had it.  I got there and sadly they had sold it but I did manage to find a lot of other cute things to add to my closet.  

First up was this black Michael Kors peplum dress for $23.  Again, another thing that fit me perfectly and hid some of the extra donuts I have been eating with Nathan on the weekends.  

Then I found this JCrew ruffle dress that Style Encore was selling for $19.  I've seen a lot of bloggers wearing it this season but sadly the ruffles made my broad shoulders look wider.  Not a flattering look for me.  So I had to pass.

Have ya'll heard of Lularoe?  I kid.  I kid.  Who hasn't?  I've never tried on anything from Lularoe but I found this Lularoe Amelia dress for $24 and decided to try it on.  Looking at it on the hanger, I could tell it was going to be too long on me.  I liked the way it fit but the length was too long on me. Plus, it looked a lot like my JCrew striped a-line dress that I already love.  I passed on it but a friend asked me to grab it for her.  Apparently the stripe print is hard to find.  

Another brand that I have heard of but have never tried is Altr'd State.  I thought it was too teeny for me until I saw this swing dress.  It was so soft and I loved the thickness of the fabric.  I know what you're thinking.  It's not really office attire but it was new with tags.  It was originally $59 and was for sale for $19.  It would be a great dress to wear on the weekends.  

The week before my interview for this new job, I spent every night running around trying to find an outfit for the interview.  I probably spent about $500 on various outfits but none of them felt right for an interview.  Then finally the night before I had a duh moment and rushed to the Banana Republic Factory store down the road.  Made it there 10 minutes before closing.  I pretty much ran around and grabbed anything and everything that I thought would make a good outfit.  I finally found a gray patterned blazer that I felt would dress up my very waitress looking outfit.  While it did the job during the interview, I have been on the lookout for a classic black blazer.  I had gone to another thrift shop and found another Ann Taylor blazer but there was a lot of damage on the sleeves.  So I passed on that one.  Today I found this petite black Ann Taylor blazer for $24.  Excuse my facial expression.  I was sitting there trying to decide if it fit right. After texts back and forth to my co-enabler, we decided it was a good fit.  How do you determine if a blazer is a good fit?  If you can cross your arms and the shoulders not go up to your ears.  Ha.  

Through thrifting I think I got some good pieces that I wouldn't have otherwise gotten to try new.  If I decide I don't like them after all, I'm sure I can sell them back to Style Encore.  Unlike the other thrift store I checked out, Style Encore's merchandise was in better condition.  No holes or rips that I could see on any of the items I bought.  Apparently there's a Style Encore closer to my house than the one I visited today.  So I'll be adding that location to my rounds of places to go when I'm looking for good deals on clothes.  

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