The new gig

So now that I've told you the the news, I figured I would talk about the new gig.  Like I mentioned in my previous post, I found my current job after they sent an e-mail to all members of the organization looking for an administrative assistant.  Bossman (Ex Bossman? That feels weird to type out.) has been a member since 2012. So I had been 'working' with my new company behind the scenes rsvp'ing Ex-Bossman for events and coordinating with them for years before I landed here permanently.  So my new co-workers felt very familiar.

What's not familiar?  My work setting.  For the last 11.5 years, I worked in an old farmhouse in a town 15 minutes east of downtown Austin.  There were only three places to grab lunch at.  I knew the owners of all of them and they all knew me.  As soon as they saw my number on their caller ID, they knew it was me calling to place a to-go order.  My new job is smack dab in the middle of downtown. Google said my new office is the same distance as my old office.  Which is true but the time I spend in traffic is a little longer.  Which I totally anticipated.  The first two weeks, I tried using Google Maps and Waze to try and find the fastest routes to work.  Both were horrible but Waze more than Google because it would take me through residential areas that I was unfamiliar with.  Then I'd get lost.   When I'd finally make it back to the route, I had eaten up all the time I was trying to save. FAIL.  And in addition to wasting time, Waze was drunk most times and would want me to try to get onto the highway after dumping me off right in front of the ramp.  THREE lanes over.  Yeah not happening.  I don't like being cut off, so I generally try not to cut others off.  Do unto others as you would want done to you still applies during rush hour.  After taking one look at that entrance ramp that was already 20 cars deep, I took a right and just drove on the access road until I could get back onto the highway without cutting somebody off.  So now, I stick to taking I-35 all the way down because it's familiar.  If anything, I figured I could either walk to campus to study or take tests while traffic is insane.  Hopefully by the time I got done on campus, traffic may be a little less chaotic.  

I do like my building.  It has some of Austin's old charm.  Apparently the architect was the grandfather of one of my organization's members.  The member told my co-worker that his grandfather designed the building when the Great Depression hit.  Due to the Depression, the owner couldn't pay his grandfather.  So he never got paid for the work.  Such a shame but such an amazing building.  I mean, look at this elevator door.

Some may think it's over the top and gaudy but I think it's so pretty.  The building even has the original mail box.

The view from my office doesn't hurt either.  I have this great ledge that I plan on putting plants on.  J got me started with a Love Succulent for Valentine's Day.  Which means I shouldn't be able to kill it since he knows I have an amazing black thumb.  :)

And the dining options down here will make me fat.  BUT since I can walk everywhere, I usually do. Then I can walk off whatever I just shoved in my face at lunch.  Most days I bring a lunch anyway and go out about once a week as a treat.  The first week here, I wandered down the street to Office Depot to get some office supplies for my desk.  It was a mile there and a mile back.  Another day, I decided to walk to campus to grab my textbooks for the spring semester.  Ended up walking 1.5 miles that day.  So maybe I won't need to run as much.  J will like that since it's low impact and won't trigger migraines like running always inevitably did.  

Which brings me to my next point.  Walking around downtown during the workday vs. walking around downtown when I was a stupid 20-year-old and usually stupid drunk, are totally different. Mainly I don't ever remember my feet hurting at all when I traipsing around in insanely high stiletto heels club hopping.  But now?  Newp.  Within the first week, I was done wearing my heels to work and ordered a pair of these Clarks to wear on days I need to.  Mainly committee meeting days.
Which happen about seven times a month.  These heels are so comfortable and I wish I had gotten them sooner.  I love them so much that I may order another pair in the nude color too.  Although, I'm also eyeing these Rockport heels that are super comfy too.  Once I get settled, I hope to be able to resume blogging.  I've had to slightly modify style since starting this job.

As far as my health, I've been at this new job for three weeks now and just yesterday got my first migraine.  But I think it was because I had a little too many drinks at happy hour with my girlfriends on Friday night.  I had a dull headache all weekend and it finally turned into a full blown migraine by 5:00 yesterday.  While I would rather not have migraines at all, having only one in this amount of time is a huge improvement to getting them weekly like I was.  I'm less stressed, when I do eventually go to sleep, I feel more rested in the mornings and am less tired by the end of the day.  Which is nice because I can stay up late and chat or watch tv with J.  J even sees a huge improvement in my mood.  He says he's noticed that Nathan and I get into less arguments.  

People tell me I'll get tired of working down here after a while.  But for now, I'm totally in the honeymoon stage.  So we'll see.  

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