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I know it's been a while since I've posted.  It's been crazy since the New Year.  But a good crazy.  After more than 11 years, I decided I to leave my job.  Working at my old office was fun but frustrating all at the same time.  Over the last few years, the stress had started affecting my health and I was getting migraines weekly that no amount of medication could prevent or alleviate the pain.   I was angry.  This past year I was angry a lot.  I idled at discontent and grumpy.  I took my anger and grumpiness out on J and Nathan who didn't deserve to be yelled at.  Nathan was scared of me.  J and his parents told me that most days, Nathan didn't want to come home because he was afraid I would yell at him.  

So why did I stay?  For the most part I liked what I did.  I loved the challenges and new tasks I was assigned as my role continually changed.  Most of all, my co-workers were an extension of my family.  I had worked with them for 1/3 of my life.  They were there when J and I got married.  They were there when J and I had some really rough times.  They were there to give me hugs after I found out I was adopted.  They were there to joke with.  J had his parents.  Me?  I didn't have parents to call up when I needed reassurance.  Plus they weren't those kind of parents.  So my family are the friends who I surrounded myself with. 

But despite all that they have been to me, I couldn't let that outweigh my health.  I didn't want to have to waste my weekends in bed in pain when I wanted to be enjoying the time with J and Nathan.  So after talking it over, J and I decided I should take a break and focus on finishing school.  Overall, everybody seemed happy for me.  Shocked but happy.  Then the process began to try and find my replacement.

On a cold, blustery and cloudy Friday, I bought the Aggie his Venti Cinnamon Dolce Latte (Mocha Frappuccino in the summer) and the Foodie a Grande Flat White.  Drinks I had ordered so many times over the past decade.  Then Bossman took us to lunch at the dive Tex-Mex joint in town.  I gave each of them one last hug.  I turned in my keys and I drove away from the little old farmhouse on the hill for the last time.  So many memories.

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