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I know it's been a while since I've posted.  It's been crazy since the New Year.  But a good crazy.  After more than 11 years, I decided I needed to change jobs.  Working at my old office was fun but frustrating all at the same time.  Over the last few years, the stress had started affecting my health and I was getting migraines weekly that no amount of medication could prevent or alleviate the pain.   I was angry.  This past year I was angry a lot.  I idled at discontent and grumpy.  I took my anger and grumpiness out on J and Nathan who didn't deserve to be yelled at.  Nathan was scared of me.  J and his parents told me that most days, Nathan didn't want to come home because he was afraid I would yell at him.  

So why did I stay?  For the most part I liked what I did.  I loved the challenges and new tasks I was assigned as my role continually changed.  Most of all, my co-workers were an extension of my family.  I had worked with them for 1/3 of my life.  They were there when J and I got married.  They were there when J and I had some really rough times.  They were there to give me hugs after I found out I was adopted.  They were there to joke with.  J had his parents.  Me?  I didn't have parents to call up when I needed reassurance.  Plus Dumb and Dumber weren't those kind of parents.  So my family were the friends who I surrounded myself with. 

But despite all that they have been to me, I couldn't let that outweigh my health.  I didn't want to have to waste my weekends in bed in pain when I wanted to be enjoying the time with J and Nathan.  So in December, Bossman and I both got an e-mail from an organization that Bossman was a member of, saying they were looking for a new administrative assistant.  So after working a half day the day after Christmas, I worked on my resume and submitted it to the organization.  Why not?  Couldn't hurt. Within a week of me submitting my resume, I got an e-mail from the program director asking if I could come in for an interview. 

Let me tell you, trying to schedule an interview when you work in a small office is HARD because you never know how they will react and if they'll be pricks.  So I scheduled my interview on a day everybody would be out of the office.  I hadn't interviewed in more than 12 years at that point.  I had a few phone interviews in the previous months but not an actual interview.  So I was nervous.  I tried on 20 outfits, trying to figure out which outfit was "THE" interview outfit.  Since I had worked with the organization from Bossman's side, I felt like I 'knew' the ladies interviewing me and was a little more relaxed than I would have been if I was interviewing for another company or organization. Lucky for me, they were very confidential about the fact that they were interviewing me.  They too, were unsure of how Bossman would react.  Which was a huge relief.  After talking for about 30 minutes the interview was over.  As soon as I got in my car, J and I analyzed the answers I had given during the interview.  He kind of cringed when I told him a few of them but overall he thought everything sounded good.  Then I just waited.

Two weeks after my interview, the organization called me and offered me the job.  As happy and excited as I was about a new work opportunity, I dreaded having to turn around and give my two weeks notice.  It definitely was a hard conversation to have.  Overall, everybody seemed happy for me.  Shocked but happy.  Then the process began to try and find my replacement.

On a cold, blustery and cloudy Friday, I bought the Aggie his Venti Cinnamon Dolce Latte (Mocha Frappuccino in the summer) and the Foodie a Grande Flat White.  Drinks that I had ordered so many times over the past decade.  Then Bossman took us to lunch at the dive Tex-Mex joint in town.  I gave each of them one last hug.  I turned in my keys and I drove away from the little old farmhouse on the hill for the last time.  So many memories.

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