Juggling Act

This year, I will be challenging my multi-tasking skills more than I have in the past.  When we had Nathan, I knew that it would be challenging to juggle work and home life while running on very little sleep.   Once I got into a routine, it became easy. I started to feel like I was a multi-tasking maven.  So why not add something else into the mix?

Back in August, I decided to look at my unofficial transcript at Austin Community College (ACC). After looking at my transcript it occurred to me that I was nine classes away from an associates degree in journalism or transferring to Texas State to obtain my bachelor's degree.  Yes journalism.  I worked on my high school paper all four years of high school.  Two of the years, I held an editor position.  So after graduation, it seemed logical for me to get a degree in communication. Of course, once I declared I wanted to be a journalist, mom commented that it wouldn't pay a lot and suggested I go into law or become a doctor.  Typical Asian career path for ya right there.  But I was hellbent on what I wanted to do.  Once I started classes at Southwest,  I slacked.  I was a stupid kid that had some freedom being on my own for the very first time in my life and had piss poor time management skills.  It was no surprise that I failed several classes which lead to mom and dad withdrawing me.  I didn't even survive a semester.

Between the time I left Southwest and now, I have taken classes at ACC.  I was taking classes up until I found out I was pregnant with Nathan.  Since I wasn't sure how tired I would be or if I'd be dealing with morning sickness, I went ahead and dropped the classes.  Once Nathan arrived, I was sleep deprived and his sleeping patterns were so unpredictable.  Now that Nathan is older, is in school and finally on a sleeping schedule, I figured this was the perfect time to start taking classes again.

Also, once we moved into the new house, I realized that for once, we were in district.  Our previous house was not in the ACC district, meaning a portion of our taxes was not paid to ACC.  What does that mean?  It meant that my tuition was three times higher than if we lived in district.

When I decided to enroll in classes, I only had a week before classes started for the fall semester but I managed to submit my FAFSA and register for classes.  The great thing about ACC is that they have very flexible class schedules and this semester I will be taking all my classes online.  I am currently enrolled in nine hours but next semester, I will be taking 12.  If everything goes according to plan and I manage to pass all my classes, I should be able to transfer to Texas State in the fall of 2018.

I feel I've grown and learned a lot since my freshman year at Southwest.  The biggest thing I have learned since becoming a mother is how to manage my time more efficiently.  If J stays at his mom's house with Nathan one night a week, it usually gives me enough time to sit at home by myself do my course reading and get all my assignments done.  Then I don't have to do anything else the rest of the week. If I have a test then I have to go to a testing center at one of the campuses.  But so far, it's been pretty easy. Ask me again next week when I start my third class that I didn't realize was only an 8-week session as opposed to a full 16-week semester.  I'm scared to look at the syllabus.  

Me going back to school wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for J.  Without his help, encouragement and enthusiasm for my success, I don't think I would be able to pull this off.   I still hear mom calling me stupid years ago.  But I refuse to let those words hold me back.  I can already see myself walking across the stage to accept my diploma.

So, with all that being said, I may not have as much time for some things.  Blogging and running come to mind.   Since starting school I've gained back some of my Freshman 15.  Ha.  I'll probably be more active on my Instagram account because snapping a picture and posting it on Instagram is so much easier than having to drag my tripod and camera out to shoot pictures for the blog.  But I will try and keep up with it as best as I can.

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