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Does it take to install a light fixture?  In our house, apparently four.  Since moving into our house almost two years ago (OMG we've lived here for almost two years!) I have been trying to find a light fixture for our dining area.  We built the house with the standard free light fixtures because we didn't like any of the upgrade options for lighting that David Weekley offered at the time.  So we saw no point in paying extra for hideous light fixtures.  Browsing through Pinterest, I came across this picture and become obsessed with finding it.

I quickly found out, that similar light fixtures cost $600 and up.  As much as I loved it, there was no way I was going to spend that much money on a light fixture.  Again, I turned to Google to help me find a similar fixture.  Google found some very similar fixtures.  But one caught my eye with it's price.  The day I happened to search for it, Pottery Barn had this blown glass chandelier for $300 on sale from $599!  While it did not look exactly like my inspiration picture but $300 for a similar fixture was a hard price to beat.    

J and his dad had installed a number of fans and light fixtures at our old house.  So we figured they could install this one too.  We should have known better.  A few Saturday's ago, his dad came to help install it.  Everything seemed to be going okay until they tried to install the bracket that came with the light fixture into the pre-existing light cup.  While his dad was trying to screw the bracket into the ceiling, J was holding it and all of a sudden he looked down and I heard him say, "Oh crap."  The bottom part that he was holding broke off.  

It was a clean break.  Whoops.  J of course felt horrible that he broke it but even without that piece I thought the fixture would still look okay.   So we kept on trying to install it.  Back to trying to screw the bracket into the cup.   We realized pretty quickly that the bracket was a hair bigger than the previous bracket and therefore would not screw into the cup.  We carefully took the fixture down and put it in the styrofoam surround that it was packed in.  But when J did that, it pushed the floating bowl piece on the bottom up into the piece above it and it broke.  Whoops.  There was no point in continuing to try and install the chandelier.  So we re-installed the old one for the time being.

Everybody always comments on how great Pottery Barn service is. Add me to that list.  After we called it quits, I immediately called customer service and told them what happened and asked if we could get replacement parts for what we broke.  I was told that they didn't have replacement parts for our chandelier.  *Cue freakout.  Then I was told they would send us out a new chandelier.  *Huge sigh of relief.  Within a week a new chandelier had been delivered to my house.  

After our attempt to install it, we decided we are not handy people at all.  Every time we have tried to tackle a home improvement project, it ends in disaster, breakage of something or of us.  Remind me to tell ya'll about the time we tried stripping the wall paper out of the master bathroom at our old house.  Because of our lack of do-it-yourself ability, I texted our handyman to come install it.  He quoted me $30 a few weeks ago when he was here working another project for us.  To have somebody else install this light fixture, for $50, was totally worth it. 

I'm so happy with my new chandelier now that it has been installed.  Our search for a chandelier is finally over.  One more thing we can cross off our home improvement checklist.

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