Girls Night and Retropalooza

It's been a while since I've had a girl's night without the boys.  So when my friend Nicole invited me to be her +1 for the Domain North Sephora VIB event on Friday, I of course I said yes.  So we made a date night out of it, got dressed up to go shop, eat and drink.  When I found her on Friday, she was getting a makeover at the Hourglass counter in the new Domain Northside Nordstrom.  Holy cow was that place crazy!  

After seeing Nicoles lovely face done up by the beauty guru, I was tempted to get a makeover myself because compared to her, I looked like a cold dead fish.

When I say we dressed up, we dressed up.  We don't play around.  I figured that a girl's night of shopping totally called for a tulle maxi skirt.  Luckily I had one that my friend Mary, one of my Internet Fashion Homies, sent me.  After she finished her makeover, we made our way to Sephora.  It was a madhouse and we quickly decided that free booze wasn't worth the mob and crossed the street to Second Bar+Kitchen.  We sat on the patio to do some people watching and enjoyed some yummy food and drinks.  All I have to say about their food is WOW.  So yummy.  I'm gaining five pounds just thinking about the yumminess.

After dinner we ventured back to Nordstrom because I knew that after my dinner, I wouldn't be able to fit back into any of my pants.  Ha.  I've been dealing with a gradual weight gain since I've had to stop running due to my migraines.  Now that it's starting to cool down, I'm hoping I can resume running again soon.  Plus, this Sunday marks the third week that I have been migraine free.  So I'm hopefully optimistic that my neurologist and I have found the sweet spot as far as my medication goes. Anyway, because I've gained some weight, none of my pants fit.  Whomp whomp.  What's a girl to do?  Buy new jeans at the new Nordstrom!  DUH!  I ended up buying these Articles of Society skinny jeans.  I love them.  They are so comfortable and I can breath in them even after just stuffing my face.  I love that they were also affordable.  The thing that I loved the most about buying these jeans at Nordstrom is that Nordstrom offers free alterations.  The free alterations are going to be a time and money saver.  To have a tailor hem my pants would easily cost me $20.  I may never buy jeans anywhere else.  They should be ready for me to pick up by the end of the week.  By then I should have a good sized list of other items I want to buy like this leopard scarf and this floppy hat. I see the game you're playing Nordstrom!

When J found out we were having a boy, he was instantly excited about teaching him all about Star Wars.  He thought that would be something they would share a common interest in together.  That plan has not panned out the way J had expected but never fear, they found another common interest and that is video games.  Nathan's not a huge video game player.  Instead he likes to watch everybody else play.  So because of their shared interest in video games, J has been working on collecting and setting up all the game systems since the Atari.  He currently has four systems in addition to his XBox One and the Wii U that we purchased over the summer.  When he found out that there was a thing called Retropalooza we had to go.  So Saturday morning, we loaded into the car and trekked to Arlington.  I was a little nervous about going to Retropalooza because Nathan does not like people in costumes and since it was adults dressing up, you never know if the costumes would be appropriate for a 6-year-old to see.  I was relieved to see that most of the costumes were PG for the most part.  Luckily, Nathan was too entranced by all the stuff to even notice.  As soon as we walked in, we lost J.  He was like a kid in a candy store.  So Nathan and I walked around looking at everything.  

It didn't take him long to spot something he wanted.    Those, my friend, are Mario Kart Happy Meal toys.  When Nathan was little, he got the Luigi and Toad toys that sat in his toybox collecting dust.  Fast forward to this past summer, he re-discovered those toys and was obsessed.  He immediately wanted to go back to McDonalds to get the rest but J had to tell him that McDonalds wasn't handing those toys out anymore.  So when Nathan saw them at Retropalooza he yanked me back to the booth to show me his find.  We ended up getting five characters to add to the collection.  When Nathan finally got tired of walking around the convention center, we went outside and he started racing his new find.  

He is easily entertained.  Him playing with his racers let J walk around to trade and buy more stuff for an extra hour.  Of course we got home and couldn't find the Toad racer.  Which then resulted in us tearing up the house.  I knew I should have just bought extras.

After such fun filled days on Friday and Saturday, we stayed home and vegged.  Nathan requested to go to Casa de Nana after spending six hours in the car on Saturday.  It was a much needed time for him to decompress and play with his two favorite people.  I love the little adventures we go on.  Nathan will have a three day weekend next week.  I wonder what adventures we'll go on.  We'll have to see.  Hope you had a good weekend!

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