I wasn't on vacation but Bossman left town on Friday to spend a couple days with his family in New Mexico.  So for me, that's kind of a vacation and meant that I could roll out of bed and kind of dress a little more casual today.  And the fact that today's high was supposed to be 81 made today's outfit selection really easy.  I just slid right into my chambray tunic and my outfit was done.

Sam Edelman 'Rae' Flats (On Sale for $45!)
Kendra Scott 'Catherine' Necklace in Crackle Crystal

Full disclosure, I know that I have been trying to shop my closet but I caved and purchased these new flats about a week ago.  I had a pair of Ivanka Trump flats that I loved but I did not love that they hurt my feet.  I had tried everything to try and make them not hurt.  I put every sort of insert in them but by the end of the day, I wasn't able to walk in them.  So when I found these Sam Edelman Rae flats on sale I decided to give them a try.  I wore them around the house for about a week to make sure they wouldn't suffer the same fate before wearing them out of the house today and my Ivanka's are on their way to a loving new home tomorrow.  I'm sad they didn't work out but I have some funky feet and life is too short to be wearing uncomfortable shoes.  So there ya have it.  My one recent purchase since starting my wardrobe remix but I don't foresee many purchases in the near future.  

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