Seeing Red

So after several days of glorious, beautiful weather, today was back in the 60s and cold again.   I guess the plus side was at least it was sunny?  So I decided to wear pants.  Thanks to a stomach bug and running in preparation for the Austin Half Marathon next week, I lost a few pounds.  So I decided to take full advantage and squish my ass into these pants that I haven't worn in probably a year.  But just for good measure, I wore a flowy shirt just in case I needed to unhook them.  Or unzip them. Whichever comes first.  

Michael Kors Leather Moto Jacket (Christmas gift 2013)
Mossimo Supply Sweater (similar here)
Coach Madison Leather Lindsey Satchel

Luckily I didn't have to resort to unhooking or unzipping my pants.  These shoes are starting to become a regular in the rotation and I am glad I bought them as a replacement for the Ivanka's that squished my feet.  My feet were just too wide for the Ivanka's.  But these Sam's I've worn for the last three days without an issue.  So it was $45 well spent.  

To help keep myself accountable as far as my clothing budget, I will start posting how much, if anything I have spent on clothing items.  I think if I do, it'll help me see how much I spend.  

So starting February 1st, 2016 I have spent $0.  

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