School Spirit

When I was in 6th grade my family got relocated to Korea for his job.  At the time the Air Force base we were stationed at did not have a high school.  So all the high schoolers from our base had to be bused to the Army base two hours away to go to school.  My freshman year that changed and the base finally got a high school.  It came with a lot of mixed feelings because a lot of the older classmen liked going to the other school even if it meant a four hour commute.  No thank you.  We were a much smaller base than the Army base and therefore had a much smaller student body.  Due to the smaller student population our athletic department kind of sucked and it was kind of a joke.  There was really no sense of school spirit unless you were actually an athlete.  We moved back Stateside before my sophomore year and it was night and day.  I was shocked at how much pep there was for high school athletics once I moved back to Texas.  Hello Friday Night Lights anybody?  It felt so weird.  And now that I'm a mom, Nathan has caught the school spirit bug and I don't quite know how to process it all.  J and I weren't quite sure how Nathan would handle it himself.  He's a bit grumpy about school.  But when it comes to school spirt?  He's all over it.  He wants to wear his school shirt all the time.  And then during football season he casually informed us at breakfast one morning that it was his school's night at the high school football game and that he really really wanted to go but he had to wear his school shirt to run across the field.  Okay.  No problem.  Except that it was a problem because at the time we didn't own a school shirt.  So I had to do a mad scramble to find a shirt.  Thank goodness for our neighborhood Facebook page.  Now that it's basketball season, I'm all over it.  He came home about a month ago saying that some of the high school basketball players came to do the morning announcements and were talking about their game.  Which by the way, is such a brilliant way to get community support for high school athletics.  So I looked up the schedule and found out that the Elementary Night was tonight.  Since this will eventually be the high school that Nathan will go to (unless a new high school gets built between now and then and we get rezoned which could be a total possibility) I figured I'd show my team spirit the best way I knew how and that was by wearing the team colors.  Because lord knows I know NOTHING about basketball.  Ha.  At least I looked cute at the game.  Ha!

Speaking of teams, who will you be cheering for during the Super Bowl?  I think I"ll be cheering for the Broncos.  Only because I want Manning to go out on top if this ends up being his last year.  But if he loses, I wonder if he'll come back next year.  Hmmmm...I guess we'll see on Sunday.  Have a great weekend!

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