I loved wearing my deranged Easter bunny sweater with my cream sheath dress a week or so ago so much hat I decided to wear it again with this OLD Mossimo lace dress I picked up from Target...five years ago maybe when I was still in the process of shedding my post Nathan pudge.  Well, I still have the pudge but it still fits great.  Ha.  

Cardigan: Tinley Road
Dress: Mossimo
Steve Madden 'Ravesh' Pumps

Plus I just thought this color combo was fitting with Valentine's day just around the corner.  By about 3:00 though the cardigan came off because it was 84 degrees today.  Just a tad bit warm for February but I heard Puxatony Phil didn't see his shadow so I guess that means it's spring?  I don't know. We're in for similar weather for the next week.  And Nathan will be ECSTATIC because then that means he can wear shorts everyday.  This shopping my closet thing is getting harder to do with the change of the seasons because I'm starting to see so many cute, shiny-and-new spring items are calling my name.  Ha.  I even went to Nordstrom Rack last night to have a look around but nothing really caught my eye.  Hope ya'll have a great Valentine's Day weekend.  We're two old fuddy duddy's and will probably stay in and avoid the madness.  

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  1. So cute! Perfect for February! And I'm digging your hair! It looks awesome!
    Carylee |



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