Tunic love

I've been searching high and low for the perfect chambray tunic for years.  I came close to finding one at the JCrew Factory store a few years ago but it was just a tad too short.  Well a few weeks ago I went to the Christmas Affair with J's mom.  It's my yearly tradition.  I sip on a mimosa as I peruse through the aisles of stuff that I more than likely don't need.  But when I saw this tunic, I knew needed it.   

Gap Camo Jacket (similar here)
Laju Collection Chambray Tunic (JCrew Factory version here)
Tommy Hilfiger 'River' Boot (similar here)
Ray Ban 58mm RX sunglasses: Lens Crafters

I didn't even go and try it on in the restroom.  I just threw it on over what I was wearing because you know, that's the perfect way to gauge if something is going to fit you right?  It was the perfect length, it had pockets and it was the last one in my size.  The only thing I had an issue with was the price.  It was $78.  I usually don't pay more than $50 for things other than shoes and purses.  So we walked around some more and I thought on it.  J's mom, being the enabler she is, told me that if I was thinking about it that much, that I should just get it.  So I went back and got it.  Not before asking what the return policy was.  Ha.  Got home and tried it on sans clothes underneath (with the tags on).  Wore it around the house to try and make up my mind and managed to spill something on it.  Well, that's one way to make up my mind.  So I cut the tags off, threw it into the washer and have been wearing it about once a week since.  It's such a simple piece that I can just throw on and just go.  I love how versatile it is.  In the winter I can throw on a jacket and some boots or booties.  In the summer I plan on wearing it with my TOMS, my flat sandals and my Converse.  I can't believe it's taken me this long to buy one.  

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