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Steve Madden 'Orabela' Over-the-Knee Boot
Chanel Boy Wallet on Chain

So for about the last month I have been searching the interwebz and reading reviews to find an over-the-knee boot that would fit my *ahem* muscular runner's legs as somebody so *cough* kindly *cough* not so kindly pointed out one day when I had said I ordered the Marc Fisher over-the-knee boots.  Those boots did not work out because as expected, they did not work for my *wide* calves and they were not true over-the-knee boots.  So my search continued. I tried the Aldo Barra boots and couldn't get them over my foot.  Back those went.  I was about to order the Steve Madden Gorgeous boot since it was a dupe for the Stuart Wietzman Highland boot priced at a more reasonable $150 as opposed to $798.  While they most definitely are gorgeous, I had a hard time with the idea of such a high heel.  I really wanted a flat boot.  Something that was more practical for me to wear everyday, including on the weekends out with J and Nathan.  There was no way I'd be able to keep up with the two of them in a high heel.  Plus, my ankle has been an issue when I've worn high heels lately so flatter shoes have been necessary lately.   But last week Renata from Really Renata posted that Caryl of More Pieces of Me  had talked her into buying the Steve Madden Orabela over-the-knee boots and they looked absolutely fabulous on her.  Prior to seeing the boots on Renata, I would have never considered the boots because looking at them on the models on the Steve Madden website they looked too loose and slouchy, but knowing that Renata and I are similar heights the boots looked great on her, gave me some hope that they would fit me as well.  I managed to find a pair in Macy's to try on.  They fit like a glove.  No slouching.  No bunching.  No huge gaping.  Unfortunately they were so popular that they were sold out so I went ahead and ordered them.  The reviews I have read say they run small.  However, the ones I tried on in store were a size 5 and they felt perfect but I'm sure that's because they have been stretched out by a bajillion people trying them on.  I ordered my normal size 6 to give me some extra space for socks and what not.   The 2.5" heel was no issue this morning when I walked Nathan to school this morning.  It felt like I was wearing flats.  And no SLIDING down my leg!  My only issue is that the footbed is a little less cushioned than I would like.  So I feel the framing of the shoe on the sole of my feet.  Does that make sense?  But that's nothing that an insert or an extra pair of socks can't fix.  Which is why I went up a size.  I like them so much that I now want them in the brown to replace my Tommy Hilfiger boots because these are so much more comfortable than those.  That's totally reasonable right?  Ha.  I'm not sure J would agree.  My search for an over-the-knee boot has finally come to an end.  For now anyway.  :-)

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