Flying Squirrel

When Nathan was an itty bitty baby and much easier to entertain, he would sit in the bed and I would start running towards the bed, jump and then let gravity do the rest. As I was falling back into the bed, I would yell, "Flying squiiiiiirrrrrreeeeellllll!!!!"  Nathan would squeal and demand me to do it over and over again.  He still asks for me to do it.  And now with the slo-mo feature on the iPhone, it's even funner.  Ha.   So when I saw this poncho I totally had to get it as a prop for our shenanigans. Or so that was my reasoning anyway.

AE Skinny Jeans
Old Navy Sueded Western Booties

It's a poncho but it has cuffs attached to the sides.  So when I lift my arms, I feel like a flying squirrel. Nathan saw me lift my arms while trying this on and he instantly started giggling, "Flying Squirrel! Flying Squirrel!"  So he totally understood my need for this poncho.  Ha.

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