Twinin' and Re-Arrangin'

Hi there!  I hope everybody had a peaceful Christmas with their families.  It was nice to just unplug and unwind at home with Nathan and J for a few days but I am back at work doing a few things to close out for the year.  Last week was super warm.  It was close to 80 on Christmas day but finally got cold on Sunday and I was more than excited to finally pull out some of my sweaters and this comfy flannel tunic I picked up from Old Navy yesterday.

I was sitting at my desk, sippin' my coffee and checking e-mails when this happened.  Ha.

And we were even wearing the Kendra Scott Mirror Rock Crystal earrings  the Aggie and his sweet wife had given us for Christmas.

In other office news, Bossman was away in Aspen last week.  So while he was away, I took the quiet time to do some rearranging.  It aleays seems inevitable that some sort of overhaul to the office is dine while he is on vacation.  One tear we had landscaping put in.  Another year it was an irrigation system.  This past summer we re-organized Bossman's office.  But this time I wanted to focus on my office.  For years I have had the standard L-shaped desk that over time got buried under so much paperwork.  So in an effort to declutter my workspace  I decided to downsize my desk.

Bossman is a collector of things: artwork, furniture, crossed.  He's had this desk forever and I have always loved it but it was always being used by somebody. The last couple of years it's just been sitting at the back if the office so I thought it was such a shame that such a pretty piece wasn't being used.  So I figured I would fix that.  The next thing I need to fix is how to hide all those hideous wires.  Yikes!  Notice my tripod down there?  Ha.  I would also like to find a chair that compliments the design of the desk better as well.  I've had that computer chair for 10 years now.  I think it's about time to find a new one.  What kind of chair would ya'll suggest I for that desk?

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