Poncho Fever

Ever since I saw this poncho on Extra Petite I have been obssessed.  I loved it but I was not in love with the $130 price tag.  It finally went on sale for $69.99+25% off but I still couldn't convince myself to by it.  And of course now it's sold out of my size. 

But I did manage to find some similar alternatives that I like just as much.  
First up is this cable knit poncho.
I love the cable knit similarities to the Curved Cable Poncho from Anthropologie.  I also loved the way this one draped.  And of course I couldn't beat the price.  J and I were doing some after Christmas shopping and stopped into Old Navy.  This poncho was usually $44.94 but they were running a 70% after Christmas sale.  So it came out to $13.49.  For that price it was a no brainer!  So It came in the gray and a maroon.  I asked J which color I should get and he said the gray because I didn't have a lot of stuff in that color.  Ha!  Clearly he hasn't been paying attention to my winter wardrobe.  

The second poncho I bought recently was this cowl neck poncho.  

This one I purchased online.  I love the look of turtlenecks but turtlenecks make me feel like I'm choking.  Plus, I look like I have no neck and then I look like a floating head.  I know I'm weird.  You should already know this about me by now.  So cowl neck tops are as close to a turtle neck as I get. Except when I have short hair because when I'm in the growing out the short hair process, the hair getting in between my neck and the back of my shirt drives me nuts.  Yes.  Another one of my oddities.  Ha.  

I don't know how long ponchos are going to be around but I figured I might as well snuggle into one or 20 of them.  They're just so comfy for these cold Texas days ya know.  ;)  Ha.  

ETA:  I finally caved and ordered the Curved Cable Poncho the other day.  It was hard to resist when it was on sale and they had 40% off on sale items.  It is still on sale but sale items are back to the additional 25% off.  

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