Holding on

The warm weather just doesn't seem to want to go away and give into the winter.  This morning was in the 40s and then by the time I left work it was 75 degrees.  So I decided to try and make one of my summer dresses more fall/winter friendly.

Jacket: Mossimo Supply
Dress: Xhiliration
Booties: Old Navy

I haven't bought a lot of stuff this year but these Old Navy booties have quickly become an outfit staple this year.  I love the neutral color and that I can wear them with just about everything.  And I do.  I also love that they're so easy to walk in.  

I've been on the hunt for a pair of over-the-knee boots in a similar color but have yet to find a pair.  I had been eyeing the Aldo 'Barra' over-the-knee boot.  When they finally went on sale last week, I decided to pull the trigger and order them.  When they were finally delivered I was a sad panda because I couldn't pull them over my calves.  

Getting them over my runner thighs was fine but they were so tight in the calves that my only option would be to wear them with dresses and skirts.  I wanted to wear them with leggings and skinny jeans as well.  So I couldn't justify keeping them.  Back they go.  This morning I ordered the Ivanka Trump 'Livi' boots in black in hopes that they would be a better fit.  If those don't work, then I'll probably order the Steve Madden 'Gorgeous' boot next.  The only thing is, I was looking for a flat boot and the Steve Madden 'Gorgeous' boot has a fairly high heel.  So we'll see.  Can you tell I've been obsessing about finding a boot?  Ha.  I'll let you know how the 'Livi's' work out or don't.

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  1. I love the yellow dress but I must agree, those booties look like the perfect staple in footwear!!

    Stay fab,
    Lisa Favre

    1. They totally are! And if I could go back I would buy five pairs.



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