Good Hair

Today's outfit was a repeat so I thought I would do a review.  Sunday I went and got a haircut.  I was desperate and booked an appointment with a new stylist at a salon I had only gone to once back in the pre-Nathan days (maybe 2008?) and ended up following that stylist to her new salon.  When I showed the stylist a picture of what I wanted on Sunday, she looked me straight in the eyes and asked me if I would be able to blow dry it like the picture because it required a lot of blow drying and a lot of volume at the roots.  Well, that would be a bit of a problem.  I have never had volume to my hair.  Then she asked me what my hair washing routine was.  Every other day because by day two my hair would start getting greasy and limp.  So she suggested we use Pureology Pure Volume Shampoo and Pureology Hydrate conditioner.  Once she washed and cut my hair, she then applied Morroccon Oil Root Boost to my roots before blow drying my hair to 90% dry.  Then she sprayed some more at the roots and then finished styling my hair.  Ya'll this is day three hair.  My hair isn't flat.  It isn't greasy.  I also looked up how to properly use dry shampoo and I think that also helped me maintain some oomph in my hair.  Since I was a new client of the salon, I was able to buy some of the products at a discount.  I ended up getting travel sizes of the Pureology Pure Volume shampoo and the Pureology Hydrate conditioner but they did not have a travel size of the Morroccan Oil Root Boost.  I didn't want to buy a full size one until I had seen how my hair would hold up after my cut and style.  But now that I know how great it is, I'm planning on buying it. For now, I'm trying to decide if I should attempt a fourth day with this hair or wash it tomorrow.   I guess we'll see.  

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