So I'm sure your blog feed was full of Halloween posts yesterday.  So I figured I'd do mine on Monday.  Ha.  Plus by the time we got Nathan to sleep I was too exhausted to write a post.  Whoops. 

Friday, J went up to Nathan's school and carved a pumpkin with him.  He was assigned to work with Nathan and another little boy from his class who's dad wasn't able to make it to the carving event.  I'm sure that dad was stuck in the flood that most of Austin was dealing with.  Luckily J was able to work from home and just walked to the school when it was time to carve the pumpkin.  Here's what their pumpkin ended up looking like.  The first pumpkin we carved at home turned to mush two days after we carved it.  We couldn't even lift it into a bag without our fingers just sinking through it.  So I'm glad the one that Nathan and J carved at school lasted a little longer.

Last week Nathan lost his first tooth.  He had been complaining and trying to pull it out for weeks. He was so happy to finally have it out.  So we explained how we needed to put it under the pillow for the Toothfairy.  "How big is the tooth fairy?"  How does she not wake me up?"  "How does she carry all the money?"  Oh boy.  We finally got him to sleep and when he woke up, sure enough the Toothfairy had found our house and left him some moola.  Twenty smackaroos to be exact.  He was more excited about losing the tooth than he was about the money he got for the tooth.  Oy.   So this weekend he lost his second tooth.  It was right next to the one he lost last week.  Kind of funny that he lost his second tooth on Halloween.  Might be a little hard to eat all that candy with two missing teeth.  But he found a way.  Oh did he find a way.  The missing teeth didn't stop him from going out and getting candy and afterwards devouring said candy.   

As for Nathan's costume,  he's always thought outside the box when it comes to his costumes.  I was honestly surprised that he wanted to be Cookie Monster last year.  As I've mentioned before, he is obsessed with trains this year.  I figured he'd want to be a train.  Or a conductor.  Nope.  He insisted that he wanted to be a railroad crossing.  Last time I checked, I've never seen a railroad crossing costume available in stores.  So that meant I had to make his costume again this year.  Oh boy.  In true me fashion, I procrastinated, managed to splice open my finger Friday night as I frantically tried to make his costume but overall, I think it came out good and he loved it.  And that's all I could ask for.  But after this year's costume J and I both said no more homemade costumes.  Nathan will just have to pick something we can buy at the store.   Ha.

We went trick-or-treating with Vivian from the blog Austin Food Whores.  They also happen to be our neighbors that live directly behind us.  And feed us.  I've put on 5 pounds since we've started hanging out and the kids love hanging out with each other.  So of course we couldn't not go trick-or-treating together.  Nathan had so much fun having friends to trick-or-treat with this year.  In years past, he would go to about five houses before he'd want to turn around and go back to the in-laws house.  But this year, we walked up two streets and then even ventured over to a block party on the other side of the neighborhood.  

When we chose our neighborhood, we chose it because we hoped that there would be more kids for Nathan to become friends with.  Our old neighborhood didn't seem to have a lot of kids his age.   Not here.  Since we've moved in we've seen the community come together to help two families recover after their houses were struck by lightning.  Through our community Facebook page, I've seen people ask for things at the eleventh hour when they are needing something and without fail, somebody steps in to fill that need or offer help.  It's not a neighborhood.  It really is a community.  For Halloween it was no different.  The residents of one cul-de-sacs hosted a block party complete with house decorations that you could vote on, a chili cookoff, games and of course candy for the trick-or-treaters.  And they put it all on for donations to the Capital Area Food Bank.  I look forward to many more fun filled Halloween's in this neighborhood and looking forward to see what the community has in store for Christmas.  :)  

I knew it!  Aliens do exist!

After trick-or-treating we ended up back at Vivian's house for some brisket and fun times.  Or until the sugar kicked in and all the kids turned into mini psychos.  Then it was time to go home.  

Sunday we continued the fun with the neighbors and met up with them at Mt. Playmore, went to Mighty Fine for lunch and then took them to the park next to the house to ride the train.  I'm glad we went yesterday because they turned it into a haunted train ride playing Halloween themed songs and they even made a haunted tunnel.  

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