Weekend Madness

So as usual this weekend was crazy.  J had to do some work from home on Saturday and I was driving to San Antonio for the celebration of life for a friend's dad who recently passed away.  Last week J submitted a warranty ticket to have our fans fixed and he asked the repair crew how much it would be to install some pendant lights over the island that we have been holding on to since we moved in back in November.  We had originally planned to have them installed when we had the light over our dining room table installed but we haven't found a light that we like for that space yet.  They quoted us $60 so we went ahead and told them we'd like them to install them.  You see where this is going?  Yeah, so while J was at home with Nathan trying to get his work done and I was in San Antonio, the installation crew called saying they wanted to come work our warranty tickets and install our lights while they were at it.  Of course.  I of course missed the call and then the call was proceeded with panicked texts saying Nathan and the dog were flipping out.  I guess they survived because when I got home, the new lights were up and the two of them were gone.  

They went to go and watch the Peanuts movie.  I like these lights so much better than the standard fixtures that were offered by the builder.  I will say that it might take me some time to get used to them moving.  Our previous fixtures had stationary poles that attached to the ceiling.  These are installed using cords.  So the slightest movement makes them kind of sway.  I wonder how much they'll swing once the Nathan a.k.a. Mini Tornado goes running past them.  I guess we'll see.  Ha.  

Yesterday, we met up with Sherry Hammonds of Sherry Hammonds Photography at Bull Creek to take some new family photos.  We haven't done family pictures since 2013 and Nathan has changed so much since then.  This year I invited J's parents to join us for the pictures because I started looking through our pictures and realized we didn't have a whole lot with them and Nathan.  And if we did, they were taken on my iPhone.  I can't wait to see the pictures because Bull Creek and the weather were so gorgeous.   Although, I'm also not holding my breath either Nathan was done before we even began.  The family who was ahead of us went to the wrong park and therefore were late and threw off the timing of all the sessions after them.  So Nathan was either making crazy faces or trying to run off.  Not to mention that I could have done without a soccer ball hitting me on the back of my head.   I'm sure it wasn't a good thing for my head since I've been trying to take it easy since sustaining a concussion over the summer.    What really pissed me off was that yes the mom told her boys to apologize.  That's fine and dandy but she needed to tell them to stop kicking the ball in the direction they were kicking it and pay attention to what they were doing instead of staring at her phone the whole time.  Now because she wasn't paying attention to her kids, I've had a dull headache ever since.  

Doesn't Nathan look happy?  I guess at least it's better than his crazy face. Ha.  Okay.  Off to go take some Aleeve and lie down before J and Nathan come home.  

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