Walking Dead

I've loved the show since the beginning and have to admit that J and I missed all of the second half of last season dealing with moving into the house.  We also haven't been able to watch it this season because Nathan is usually up when it's on and when he's finally asleep we usually pass out with him clothes, makeup and all.  But yesterday I felt like I could have been an extra in the show.  Bossman was out of the office on a hunt he got invited to at the King Ranch.  So I decided to dress casual.  No meetings, no guests popping into the office, so I felt no need to put much thought into my outfit.  Seemed like the perfect day for a swing dress.   
Dress: Thrifted (similar here)
Scarf: Purchased at the Christmas Affair (similar here)
Louis Vuitton Rivington

I'm so glad I was in something comfy because after lunch a massive headache hit.  After a few hours and a couple Aleeve I was in so much pain that I just had to go home.  It was the worst day for a headache to hit.  I had signed up to volunteer at the Girls Empowerment Network's (GEN) 3rd Annual We Are Girls Conference that is to be held this Saturday at Austin High School.  I was supposed to attend a volunteer orientation on Halloween morning but due to the rain and flooding being experienced by a lot of south Austin, that orientation had to be cancelled.  So yesterday was the rescheduled orientation date.  I didn't want to miss it.  So I popped a 100 mg Immitrex and trekked from Georgetown to South Austin, white knuckled and gritting my teeth from the pain the whole way.  I managed to breathe through the pain but by the end of the orientation I was wiped out and ended up puking.  I know.  TMI but my migraines have just been way more intense since the concussion. Delayed reaction from the hit with the soccer ball?  Perhaps.  I guess it's time to look for a new neurologist because the dosage of meds I had been taking previously aren't cutting it anymore. Off to go fill a new prescription.  I took my last Immitrex in hopes of rejoining the land of the living.  Goodnight!

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