The Husband Sweater

It's been a long time since J has been my boyfriend.  So when I try and steal stuff from his side of the closet I feel kind of silly calling it a boyfriend ___________.  The other week we went over to watch the Cowboy game at the new house of one of my friends.  It was a cold and wet day but this sweater of J's just looked so comfy and cozy.  So instead of calling it a a boyfriend sweater, I call it the husband sweater.  Ha.  

Sweater: Banana Republic Factory
Pants: GAP
Tory Burch 'Eddie' Flats 
Chanel Boy Wallet On Chain

Since it is a guy's sweater, the sleeves are kind of long and wide so they cover my hands and they slip back down my arms when I push them up to get them out of the way.  But a quick roll under solved that problem.  I'm sure if I wear it with a button up underneath, that won't be an issue either.  I think this sweater might be permanently residing on my side of the closet.  Are there any men's items that you wear?  

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