About three years ago I bought a mustard cardigan from Target that quickly become a staple in my wardrobe.   After so much wear, it started to show it's age.  I stalked the Target website the next year to try and get a replacement cardigan or even something else that was mustard but they never had anything since.  But this year.  This year is the triumphant return of mustard.  I went to Old Navy over the weekend in search of this dress after seeing it online.  

Old Navy Patterned Swing Dress (solid colored version here)
Coach Madison Leather Lindsey Satchel

After going to two different stores I finally found it in an XS and knew I wasn't leaving without it. But while I was there, I noticed other mustard items.  It was hard to resist buying all the mustard things.  So I settled on these booties instead.  Ha.  I needed new booties since my old American Eagle ones bit the dust last winter.  I had been trying to find a taupe bootie everywhere but all the ones I had tried either hurt my feet or they cost way more than I wanted to pay.  Then I saw these booties.  They reminded me a lot of the Report Marks that were popular a few years ago.  Which by the way, if you're still obsessed with those, Macy's has the Report Marko Booties which are the Report Marks reincarnated.  And the best part of these booties is that they were $25 after 30% off.  And they're comfortable.  I feel like I could walk in these all day.  When I got home I realized Old Navy had this dress in the solid pink color which I'm tempted to order since I couldn't find it in stores.  We've got family photos coming up and I'm thinking about wearing the pink one for them even though I already ordered something last week.  Hmmmm...decisions.  Whatever is a shopaholic to do?  Ha.  Hope ya'll had a great weekend and your week is off to a good start!

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