Two fightin pigs

Today I poke fun at my own outfit.  I love pencil and A-line skirts but I ended up purchasing this JCrew brocade skirt from my neighborhood Buy and Sell page for $7.  I thought it would be fun for a change up from my norm.  But when I put it on, the Clairee quote from Steel Magnolia's popped in my head.  I felt like I looked like there were two pigs fightin' under a blanket.  I couldn't decide if I should tuck in my shirt or wear it untucked with this skirt or just wear a different shirt all together.  But as with all school days, I didn't have enought time to second guess and I had to leave the house without a girdle or the modern equivalent in the form of SPANX.

It doesn't help that the skirt fans out right under the pudge line of my stomach making me look 12 weeks pregnant.  I think my lack of running due to my concussion is finally starting to show.  I was told by one of our neighbors who is a PA that  her friend hates having to tell people they have concussions because then they have to tell them they pretty much can't do anything other than stare at the wall.  I'm hoping that once I can start running again it won't look so weird on me.  Octber can't get here soon enough so I can run again.  

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