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Today's outfit is a snoozeworthy repeat so I thought I would post an outfit I managed to get a picture of last week but never posted because I got hit with my killer three day headache.  We're thinking it's still concussion related because it happened on a day I happened to go running at 5 am.  I guess my nogin doesn't like waking up that early or working out either.   It's been six weeks since the initial hit but after reading a pamphlet on the CDC's website, it says that people that are prone to chronic headaches can take longer to recover from a concussion.  Well, it would have been nice if my primary care doctor and my neurologist had mentioned this info to me.  As J and I drove to his parent's house to go pick up Nathan the other day, I sat in the passenger seat and started spouting off other things I could do.

            Me: Yoga?
               J:  No.
            Me:  Pilates? 
               J:  No.  
            Me: Speed Walking?
                J: No.
Me: Barre?
J: No.
            Me:  Well what can I do?  
                J: Nothing.  Just rest.  
            Me:  I can't just do nothing.

I'm telling him I'll take a break for a month.  He's thinking more like six months.  We'll see.  Come October 1st I plan on running and I'll go from there.  Anyway, all that to say, I took a picture that never got posted due to my headache.  So here it is.

GAP Laser-Cut Fit & Flare Dress
BCBG 'Darron' Studded Pumps
Kendra Scott 'Gretchen' Necklace

Hope ya'll have a good Friday and enjoy the three day weekend.  

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