Labor Day Weekend Fun

Hi everybody!  I hope ya'll had a good Labor Day weekend.  It was such an appreciated break since we were all worn ragged from the new kindergarten routine.  We enjoyed being able to veg the extra day.  Well, Saturday and Sunday was spent vegging and hanging out with the neighbors again.  They got a new smoker and we were their guinea pigs to test it out.  We didn't complain and Nathan loves hanging out with their two kids.

Today we drove to New Braunfels to go check out the New Braunfels Railroad Museum.  Bossman's daughter was telling me about it at work one day before she left to start classes at Texas State.  So I decided that this three day weekend would be a good weekend to go check it out.

It didn't have as many trains as the Temple Railroad & Heritage Museum but Nathan was just as excited about seeing the trains.  While this museum didn't have as many train cars as the Temple Railroad & Heritage Museum I was very glad that the train was covered and it prevented us from baking like we did at the Temple museum.  The railroad museum had a steam engine, a boxcar, a dining car and a caboose.  The dining car can even be rented out for events.  Which totally seems like something Nathan would want us to do for his birthday one of these days.  

Once we were done baking outside, we went into the museum and found that they also had a model train setup.  Nathan wanted to find a Union Pacific train engine.  He's a Union Pacific kid.  It's like his team.  He doesn't root for the other teams.  He always roots for a Union Pacific to come through and even geeks out when he sees a Union Pacific maintenance truck driving through town.  Which we happened to see on our drive home.  

The museum does not charge an admission fee and run strictly off of donations from visitors and sales from their gift shop.  We made a donation and Nathan decided he just had to have a train which he decided needed to be in the picture.  Ha.  The volunteer even gave us a ticket to go ride the train at Landa Park but when we tried to go visit Landa Park after we left the museum, it was packed.  We couldn't even find a parking spot.  So we'll have to venture back out there during the off season but I'm also just as happy going back to the Temple Railroad & Heritage Museum because it's closer to us, it's got more trains and it's right next to the working train depot which entertained Nathan forever.
But I think our next train museum adventure might be to Houston.  We'll see.  I still have to convince J on that one.  Ha.  Hope ya'll have a great short week! 

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