Weekend Fun: Kool-Aid and trains

Nathan will be starting school in a week.  ONE WEEK.  So during the summer, one of the mom's in the neighborhood set up a Facebook group for all the incoming Kindergarten kiddos and their families.  Through that Facebook page she has coordinated social events for us to get the kids together to get to know each other and for us to get to know each other.  So this weekend she coordinated a tie dye t-shirt event.  The goal was for the kids to make the shirts and then to wear them to the meet the teacher day on Thursday.  We ended up using Kool-aid and vinegar as the dying agent.  I really hadn't planned on how I wanted Nathan's shirt to turn out but our neighbor suggested I twist it if I wanted a spiral.  I am the worst DIYer ever.  My spiral ended up looking more like a voodoo doll.  

But Nathan didn't mind.  He was really excited with our project and for the rest of the day he kept asking when he could wear his tropical tie dye t-shirt.  

I told him we needed to let it dry.  So while we let it dry, we decided to hit the road and venture about 45 minutes north to the Temple Railroad and Heritage Museum.  As I've mentioned, Nathan has been infatuated with trains this summer.  Him and Poppy have spent many mornings listening to Neil Young and going out to find trains.  And your daily factoid but did you know that Neil Young owns 20% of Lionel, LLC, the model train company?  So it's only fitting that it's been the soundtrack of Nathan's summer.  Ha.

We got there an hour and a half before the museum was supposed to close.  They were setting up for a private event so we weren't quite sure where the museum exhibits were.  We tried to purchase tickets to go through the museum portion but couldn't find any employees.  But Nathan didn't seem to care because all he cared about was walking around all the trains.  He was so excited to see the Santa Fe and the Union Pacific engines.  

Once we had fried outside in 100 degrees, we walked next door to the Central Texas Area Model Railroaders.  Many of the model trains and layouts are part of private collections that were set up by members.  While Nathan loved seeing the model trains it was really hard to explain to him that they were not for him to play with and that they were just to look at.

And of course the trip wouldn't be complete without seeing a train pass by the museum.  Three to be exact.  

Today we just vegged around the house and did some chores around the house.  One of which was finishing up Nathan's tie dye shirt.  We were instructed to iron the shirt to set the kool-aid. Once ironed, then I could wash it by hand.  And the finished product?  Tada!

Wait...did we use invisible dye?  Nope.  We used a mixture of Kool-Aid and vinegar.  I freaked out thinking I hadn't ironed it long enough.  So I contacted the mom who organized the event and told her what happened and to see if I could borrow the squirt bottles we used to dye the shirts with so I could redo Nathan's shirt.  Well apparently she had the same issue.  So she's redoing her kiddo's shirt as well.  Ha.  So I'm glad to know that I wasn't the only one that had the same issue.  But now I need to 1) not alert Nathan to the fact that I screwed up his shirt and 2) redo his second shirt before his meet the teacher on Thursday.  I think this next time I will be using good ole Rit dye though.  Ha.  Wish me luck and let's hope that second time's a charm. 

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