Weekend Fun: Train chasers

This weekend was very uneventful.  I had originally wanted to take Nathan to the Temple Railroad & Heritage Museum but J thought that was a bad idea.  I kept trying to convince him that it wouldn't be that big of a deal.  It was only an hour away from home.  But he was certain that we'd get up there and then I'd start feeling bad.  So instead we stayed in town.  There are several train tracks in the area and Nathan's new hobby is to go and look for trains with Poppy.  As soon as he walks through the doors of Casa de Nana's he's asking Poppy to go train hunting.  Poppy is a really good train hunter.  He discovered this post office, general store right next to the tracks next to a limestone quarry.  As we pulled up a train was coming through. 

So while we didn't get to get out of town, it felt like we were in a different town.  In the middle of north Austin.  After we saw the last car of the train go by, Nathan wanted to catch up to the engine but by then I started to feel queasy again so we had to go home.  Joys of a concussion I suppose.  I did have a follow-up appointment with my neurologist to talk to her about my migraine management plan.  But while I was there I went ahead and asked her about my concussion and to get an idea of how much longer I may feel like crud.  She said the initial symptoms can last at least up to two weeks and maybe even longer.  I'm trying to be optimistic and hoping I'll feel better by this weekend.  Until then I'm still taking it easy.  Speaking of taking it easy, I better go to sleep.  See ya'll tomorrow.  

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