Over Under

As much as I love dresses, sometimes I get bored just wearing the dresses as is.  So sometimes I'll layer pieces over or under them to change it up.  I usually do this in the winter time when I need additional layers to keep warm.  Because ya know, it gets so cold her in Texas.  Yep.  Today, I decided to wear my Lilly Pulitzer for Target tank over one of my summer dresses to give it a different look and feel. 

Lilly Pulitzer for Target Crochet Tank Top (similar here)
Old Navy Fit and Flare Dress (similar here)
Sam Edelman 'Sutton' Wedges 

Although to tell you the truth, today's outfit looks pretty similar to this one I wore over a year ago.  Either that means I have a bad memory or I shop too much.  Off to go do some light online window shopping.  See ya'll tomorrow!

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