First Day of Kindegarten

Yesterday Nathan started Kindegarten.  And I think this picture pretty much sums up how he felt about that.

I think this might be the last year he humors me and poses for these first day of school pictures.  

Despite the goofy and chaotic start (I forgot his snack and had to walk it over to the school) we got a really sweet note from his teacher that he had a good day.

J and I were nervous about how Nathan would handle going to a new school because he went to the same preschool for three years.  He still points it out when we drive by it.  I hope his good day wasn't a fluke but last night at bedtime he already declared he didn't want to ever go to school again.  Oh boy.  Hopefully once he gets into a routine he'll look forward to going.  Until then wish us luck.  Ha.

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