Second hand finds and recent purchases

When we decided to move, we wanted to move into a more family friendly neighborhood.  We had driven around our new neighborhood a few years ago and saw so many kids running around and just knew that it was the place we wanted Nathan to grow up.  We wanted him to be able to have a best friend who lived down the street.  What we didn't anticipate was that the neighborhood also had a very active for sale page.  They sell everything from kid's items, to household items to clothing.  Yesterday, there was a listing for some very gently worn American Eagle jeans.  So I went over to the person's house to try them on.  Unfortunately, they didn't fit but she handed me this shirt saying she thought it would look cute on me.  

So I took the shirt back into the bathroom and sure enough it was super cute.  Even better was that it was only $2.  Turns out it was a Paper Crane shirt from Nordstrom that her niece hardly ever wore because she went to private school and needed gas money instead.  I love how flowy it is and it's a great weekend shirt.  Or shirt to wear when bossman is on vacay.  Ha.  This week we've been reorganizing his office.  So casual and comfy has been key.  Plus I'm still feeling pretty gross from my fall Saturday.  

A few other purchases I've made lately are from American Eagle.  I needed some new shorts since none of my current ones were fitting me.  I loved my LOFT ones but LOFT didn't have anything similar to them this year. I went in to buy shorts.  I ended up walking out with two pairs of shorts and two shirts.  Figured they were good shirts to wear around on the weekends.  
Middles: AEO Heathered Pocket T-Shirt, AEO Hi-Rise Festival Shortie
Right: AEO Soft & Sexy Striped Jegging Tank, Jeans are old American Eagle that I don't see online anymore.

I tried really hard not to get sucked into the black hole that is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  I tried really hard.  But I just couldn't get my mind off the Halogen 'Olson' Pointy Toe Studded T-Strap Flats.  But luckily for me and my credit card, by the time the sale started, they were sold out of my size.  I figured it was for the best.  But I just couldn't stop thinking about them.  So last Monday morning I was stalking them.  They only had them in a size 9.5, 11 and 12.  Then I went to lunch with J.  When I came back all the little sizes were back in stock so I excitedly placed my order.  Got my order confirmation number and was on cloud nine.  That was until I woke up Tuesday morning and was greeted by an e-mail from Nordstrom saying my order had been cancelled.  Well bummer!  But then I saw Annie from Stylish Petite's post about what she had ordered from the sale and loved the Louise et Cie 'Barry' Ankle Strap Flat that she ordered but of course I wasn't a fan of the price even though they were on sale.  After a quick Google search I ended up finding these Ivanka Trump 'Tizzyly' Dress Pump.  Why they call it a pump is beyond me.  It's clearly a flat.

I like that these don't have the strap.  As much as I liked the Louise et Cie version, I was kind of nervous that they would cut me off at the ankle.  I also love my Report Signature bow sling back flats, I wanted a fully closed flat show that I could wear with jeans.  My leopard shoe collection is kind of getting out of control.  Ha.  

But then again it looks like I have a thing for shoes with studs on them too.  Ha.  A girl can never have too many shoes.  Hope ya'll are having a good week!  Halfway to the weekend!  Yay!

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