Moving Day

Moving day?  What?  No.  We're not moving to another house but since Bossman is on vacation, I decided I needed to rearrange the file room.  Pack up some old obsolete files and then move some file cabinets around.  So his daughter and I spent today moving stuff around upstairs.  I figured jeans and closed toed shoes were necessary.  

JCrew Factory ballet flats (non embelished version here)
Marc by Marc Jacobs Karlie Crossbody Bag (LOVE this quilted version!)
Kendra Scott Noelle and Phara Necklaces

I know I'm on doctor's orders to take it easy.  I've never been known to follow doctor's orders.  Like after I had Nathan I was instructed not to drive for six weeks because I had a c-section.  Before we knew it, we needed to take him in for his one week appointment.  J pulled into the driveway just as I was snapping Nathan's carseat into the car.  He looked at me and asked what I thought I was doing.  Taking Nathan to his appointment.  Duh.  Yeah.  He wasn't very happy with me.  I'm really bad at following doctor's orders.  Ha.  So it shouldn't be any surprise that today I didn't take easy and of course my head started hurting pretty soon after we moved all the heavy stuff and the feelings of wanting hurl hit pretty soon after.  I could just feel all the color drain from me.  Well, I guess my outfit kind of matched my complexion at that point.  Ha.  Now that we've done all the heavy lifting today, tomorrow's game plan is to just move files.  Because I had stacks and stacks of files that needed to be filed but I had no room in any of the file cabinets to cram them into because they were all jam packed.  I think J will be relieved.  Ha.

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