Sweatin' With Strong

So remember on Friday how I said I was going to have a very busy weekend?  Well, a few weeks ago my dear friend Nicole asked me to attend the 2nd Annual Coach Strong Women's Football Clinic at the Daryl K. Royal Memorial Stadium.  Last year was Coach Strong's first women's clinic and some of our other mom friends had attended and said it was so much fun.  My dear friend Nicole was planning on attending and was trying to convince me to go.  So since Nicole's birthday was around the corner, I thought this would be a great way to celebrate her birthday, to celebrate our strength as women and as mothers.  So I signed up.  I don't know what last year's theme was but this year's theme was Takin' It Back to the 80's and we were Sweatin' With Strong.  Along with our other mom friends that had participated last year, we entered the t-shirt contest.  Our team leader designed and printed our shirts and they turned out great.  We signed in and went upstairs and got a presentation about the offense, defense, strength and conditioning, the importance of the proper equipment and proper fueling.  And of course pictures!!!  

Then it was time for the fun stuff.  We finally got to go to the field and run some drills with some of the players and the coaches.  It was circuit style with eight drill stations.  We did some drills where we had to sprint with the shoulder pads on.  We did some catching drills.  We did some throwing drills.  We even did the old fashioned stadium stairs.  OH.EM.GEE.  I thought I was going to die.  We did a defense drill where I was holding the pad while the other girl was supposed to push me.  Well she pushed me all right.  She pushed me so hard that I fell backwards and hit my head.  I remember feeling my head hit the ground.  I thought I was okay.  I got up.  The coach looked at me and asked me again if I was okay.  I nodded that I thought I was okay.  I went through a few more drills and then the night was over.  I survived.  


Or so I thought.  I went home.  I was groggy when I got home.  I chalked it up to being wiped out from a day of so much activity and a day out in the sun.  But when I woke up on Sunday something didn't feel right.  My head hurt and I felt very nauseous.  I thought maybe it was the onset of a migraine because I figured I had pushed myself a little too hard on Saturday with the physical activity and the heat.  So I popped some Immitrex and tried to go on about my day.  But then I just felt disoriented.  But I had ordered Faith No More tickets for me and J back in April.  J had been talking about how much he wanted to see them so I ordered them as a belated birthday/Father's Day present.  So I didn't want to feel like crud for that.  So I managed to grit my teeth through the concert.  When I woke up Monday morning I was still feeling about the same so I went ahead and made a doctor's appointment.  The doctor confirmed that I had a concussion and ordered a CAT scan and that I get some rest.  Good thing Bossman is on vacation.  I can now actually say that my brain hurts.  Ha ha.  

Overall, the clinic was fun but I don't think I will do it again unless there are a few changes made.  For one, while the swag was decent, the Nike Dri-Fit shirt that we were given were sized for men.  Shouldn't the shirt for a women's football clinic be sized for women?  Just a thought.  Although it does make a very comfy sleep shirt.

After now having gotten a concussion at this event from what I thought was a low impact fall, I would highly encourage the staff to direct anybody that hits their head to go visit the medics on the sidelines.  That's what they're there for right?  And if they don't, ladies if you decide to participate and you fall and bump your head, please, please, please seek out medical attention immediately.

Lastly, the hugest disappointment of the night was the fact that we didn't get to run out of the tunnel like the players do on game day.  The whole reason I signed up for this year's clinic was because of our other friends who said how awesome it was last year to run out of the tunnel.  But as the clinic drew to a close and we hadn't done the run through, one our group members finally asked a staff member, coach or player what the deal was.  Apparently, the smoke machine takes too long to fire up.  REALLY?!?!?  That's going to be your excuse?  That's why we're not going to get to run through the tunnel?  By that point we had been at the stadium for five hours.  FIVE.  I think five hours is adequate enough time to fire up the smoke machine.  I think that the staff had intentions of letting us run through the tunnel.  I really do.  They seemed just as excited about us being there as we were.  But I think the decision came from the new athletic director, Steve Patterson.  He's already pissed people off with his new penny pinching, money grabbing tactics.  Sure.  I get it.  He wants to help the school make and save money.  But it shouldn't be at the expense of pissing off fans, alum and donors when the team is in a rebuilding phase.  Duh. Anyway, I could go and on and on. But...I'll just leave it at that.  It's fun to say that I did it but unless they can guaranty that they'd bring back the tunnel run, I think I'll be sitting out next year.  Plus, I think J would think I'm nuts to go and subject myself to possibly another injury after this year's incident.

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