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Well that shopping break didn't last long.  Ha.  They never do.
So might as share some of my recent purchases and reviews.  I needed to buy a new blush.  I had been using the Maybeline FIT and E.L.F. Blush but both seemed to be making my cheeks break out. As much as I hate to spend money on makeup, I hate a broken out face even more. I had tried Nars Orgasm in the past but it was a little too light and just disappeared.  So this time I opted for Super Orgasm.  I know.  The names are super cheesy.  When I first opened the compact of blush I was kind of nervous because it looked a lot sparklier than the sample one I saw at Sephora.  But once I put it on over my Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation I was glad I had picked this shade.  It's a peachy pink and the flecks of shimmer helped to brighten up my whole face which I could use all the brightening I can get on mornings I'm running on a couple hours of sleep. I'm still trying to figure out how to get it to stay through the whole day.  And that's not just a problem I have this this blush.  It's with all blushes.  I've tried moisturizers.  Primers.  Moisturizers and primers.  BB Creams.  But come 5:00, there is no blush on my face to be found. 

I'm going to say another reason I decided to place my Sephora order and get the Nars blush was becasuse I was looking at their reward perks.  I had a couple hundred points.  Not a huge amount but it was enough to get a couple samples of products I otherwise would never try.   Who doesn't love to get samples?  You can try something out wihtout having to commit to a huge tube of product.  So I chose a tube of NARS lipgloss in Orgasm, Makeup Forever 202 and a tube of Miracle Worker Anti-Aging Moisturizer.  I'm a self proclaimed lipgloss junkie and I have lipgloss everywhere: in my car, in every one of my purses, at my desk at the office.

I love the Makeup Forever lipgloss.  It's a light bubblegum pink in the tube but goes on pretty sheer when applied.  And it is a true gloss.  It's very shiny with just a hint of color to it.  Which is perfect.  Because some days, I just don't feel like wearing a lip color but I feel like I need something on my lips.  So a sheer gloss is the perfect solution.

The Makeup Forever lipgloss reminded me a lot of an old tube of Mary Kay lipgloss I got about a decade ago in a shade called "Gold Digger".  Again, another weird name but just like the blush version of the color, the lipgloss had some flecks of shimmer to it.  Not an obscene amount.  Just enough to make it look like I have something on my lips so I don't look like I have dead fish lips.

Friday night, we had to go to Target to get a birthday present for one of our friends.  We're totally on top of our crap these days.  The party wasn't until Sunday but we were getting the present Friday night.  I usually would have waited until the morning of to run out while J and Nathan were snoring away, to go and get the present for the birthday boy or girl.  But not this time.  So, while we were at Target I just happened to wander downt he bedding aisle.  I have a bedding problem.  And I think it's rubbing off on J.  I usually like to buy new bedding about once a year.  And a couple weeks ago J was asking when we were going to get new bedding.  TRAINED.  Ha.  Well, Nathan has been sleeping with us in our bed again.  We cannot get him back in his bed.  And ever since his triumphant (for him) return to our bed, he's been having an accident in our bed every night.  I can deal with changing the sheets but one day last week he happened to roll onto the comforter before he had his morning accident.  So then my side of the blanket reeked.  And we didn't have a backup blanket for me to take ours to the cleaners.  So I used the accident as an excuse to buy new bedding.  Ha.  I prefer textures when it comes to decor: pleats, ruffles, ruching.  I bought something similar to this one a couple years ago and it got a huge thumbs down from J.  J is more into colors and patterns.  So I mosied on down to the bedding aisle on Friday while we were picking out a toy for our friend and found this comforter.  It's white like I like and it's got some color and pattern like J likes.  If I had my way everything in our house would be white.  If he wants more color we can flip it over and it's navy and polka dots.  So now we'll have two comforters for when we have to run one to the dry cleaner.

I still need to find a bedskirt.  I'll probably get a navy one.  I also need to look into getting some king size pillows to fill the king shams that came with the comforter.  J and I are still using our standard shams that we used when we still had our queen sized bed years ago.  What can I say, we've finally broken in our pillows.  Eventually we'll put something on the wall above our bed.  I'm pretty OCD about what I like hanging above the bed.  I'm not a big picture person.  I hate mirrors over beds.  I hate mirrors to the sides of the beds.  I feel like something has to be centered up there.  What has yet to be determined.  I'll figure it out eventually.  Maybe even next week.  Wonder what I'll buy by next week.  I guess we'll have to see.  Ha.  

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