It's been a little hectic the past few days.  I took Friday off to spend some time with J and Nathan since Nathan is off for the summer.  We got invited by his BFF's parents to go to a driving experience through Longhorn Racing Academy at the Harris Hill Raceway in San Marcos earlier in the week and the mom had scheduled our private driving lesson for 10:00.  If you've read my blog long enough, you know that Nathan is not a morning person.  He's a mini teenager and it's impossible to wake him up but he was excited to see J drive a Ferrari...for five seconds before he was easily distracted by his friend's Lego car.  Ha.  At least J had fun driving the Ferrari.  It wasn't really a new thing for him.  I had rented him a Ferrari that we sped through Austin in for one of his birthday's.  I thought we were going to get pulled over and arrested as fast as we were going.  Or I'd be stuck on the side of the road as he got arrested and the car got impounded.  Either scenario sucked.  It was actually the Ferrari from the movie Sin City.  It was a fun drive for him and a fun ride when I actually opened my eyes.  But this driving experience was a little different.  This time, he drove the Ferrari on a 1.8 mile racetrack and J could speed if he wanted too.  After a 30 minute information session with an instructor, J got to drive around the track with an instructor.  He said it was a little to go super fast thought because of all the twists of the track so he had to slow down to take the turns but once he got the hang of it, it got easier.  Once he was done with his laps, he sat in the passenger seat and the owner of the track and instructor drove J around.  The other instructors said he could drive the course with his eyes shut.  I hope he can.  He had a hand in designing it after all.  All the rides were recorded using a Go Pro and J said that you really can't tell how fast you were really going from the video.  We toyed with the idea of having me drive it but I was kind of nervous about the paddle shifters.  My IS250 has paddle shifters if I feel so inclined to drive it in sport mode, which I never do, but I wasn't sure if the Ferrari was set up the same way.  So I passed and just let J drive.  When he got done he said it was totally something I could drive but by the time the guys got done driving it was around 11:30 and I thought it was best to go and get lunch for us and the kids.  Overall it was a fun time and we'll definitely be back another time and I'll have a go at the track.  If ya'll are interested in checking it out, they are currently running a Groupon for driving experiences or ride along experiences if you like speed but are nervous about getting behind the wheel.   

For lunch, we drove a few miles east and went to Black's.  We couldn't pass up the chance to check it out since we were already in the area and we were hoping to avoid the insane weekend crowds that could clean them out by 1:00.  Or so I've been told.  When we got there, there was a short line but nothing that was totally unbearable.  It was even shorter than some of the lines we've had to sit through at some of the places in Austin.  When we finally got to the front of the line, we grabbed a plate and just started loading it up with side items and desserts.  Then once you selected all your sides, you went up to the meat counter and ordered your meat by the pound.  The meat was yummy.  J said everything was a little dry.  I couldn't tell because I'm a sauce girl and I slather sauce on everything whether it's moist or dry.  I'm the worst BBQ food critic ya'll.

We got a little bit of everything as far as the meats went.  We got some brisket, a couple links of sausage, some baby back ribs and some turkey for the littles.  I honestly think our Foodie neighbor's ribs are better.  It was good but I wasn't overly impressed.

Once we got done eating, we explored the Lockhart town square because the municipal court building had a huge clock on it and Nathan has been fascinated by clock towers.  So he was adamant about going to check it out after lunch.  Then we were on our way home, in our air conditioned car because we were starting to melt outside.  Summer got here late but it's here now.   On our drive back through Austin to get home, we drove past the UT Tower.  Nathan mentioned wanting to go up it and so I told him we'd go for a tour.  Before we had even unbuckled him from his carseat, he was asking me to go look up tour times.  I booked a 3:00 tour for Saturday.  Now that summer is here, we've finally gotten into a groove of getting ready and out the door on time.  Of course.  Hopefully that'll carry over into the new school year.

We actually left a little too early for our tour and got there about 30 minutes early.  Nathan was easily entertained with J's phone.  We were informed that once the 45 minute tour began and we were up on the observatory, there were no restrooms and no leaving the tour early.  We were a little nervous because Nathan has a pretty short attention span and we anticipated that he'd want to leave after 10 minutes on the tour.  But he actually did good.  He liked looking out over Austin and was asking where the building of capital was.  And then of course, that sparked his next tour request.  Looks like a tour of the building of a capital is in our near future.  The guides were super fun, energetic and they gave us a pop quiz which I answered incorrectly.  The guides threatened to make those of us that answered incorrectly walk all the way back down.  Ha.  

Saturday we learned some sad news.  J's great-aunt passed away unexpectedly.  So I stayed home with Nathan Monday and Tuesday so J and his parents could go say their final goodbyes.  Nathan had only met her one time when he was a little baby and we didn't want him to be a distraction during such a sensitive time.  So that is why I haven't posted in a while.  But hopefully it'll be back to blogging as usual.  We'll see.  Hope ya'll are having a good week so far!

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