Three Day Weekend Fun

Three day weekends are so great.  They don't feel like they fly by but it's not so much time that you go stir crazy.  So Saturday I managed to sleep in until 10:00.  Which has not happened since moving into the new house.  It was GLORIOUS!  Then we spent the rest of the day just vegging around the house and I finally finished reading Gone Girl.   Wow.  What a book.  

Then Sunday Nathan woke up and declared that he wanted to go to Sea World.  The rain chances were down to 20%.  So we took a chance and trekked out to San Antonio.  Luckily the weather held up and we were able to enjoy some sunshine.  I will say that I'm a little annoyed that Sea World has reduced the hours for Aquatica.  When we first started going two years ago, they closed down Aquatica at 8:00.  Now they close it at 6:00.  So we go there at about 3:30 but made the best of the time we had inside.  

Once we were done at Sea World we drove up the road to La Cantera to try out Whiskey Cake.  But the wait was an hour long.  We knew that was going to be a huge no go since we had Nathan and he is the most impatient person and I was getting hangry.  We hadn't eaten anything all day.  J pointed out that he hadn't eaten either but he wasn't turning into a raging asshole.  Touche.  There were a few other options.  There was Bar Louie, Cheesecake Factory and Yardhouse.  J HATES Cheesecake Factory,  So after looking up their menu online, I convinced J that we should eat there.  And there was absolutely no wait.  It's kind of a neat building because if you shopped at La Cantera back n it's early days, I'm pretty sure that Yardhouse now occupies what used to be the food court.  I guess management felt they could make more money leasing out the whole space to a single user instead of single food vendors.  And  a food court just doesn't seem fitting for such a upscale shopping center.  I was able to get a table immediately.  I am so glad we didn't have to resort to McD's on our way home.  Ha.  I ordered the pork banh mi and ordered J pepperoni and mushroom pizza since he was outside wrangling Nathan.  The banh mi was yummy but the slaw on the left?  Not so much.  It really needed a dressing to go on it but it was was raw veggies.  The sandwich only made me want to go back to Austin and eat a Dock & Roll Blue Bahnette.  Yum.  

Today, I woke up and our neighbors had texted us inviting us over for ribs that they were smoking.  So I made a quick trip out to HEB to grab some stuff to make a fruit salad and sangria to take over and share.  As I was making everything we were watching the tv and saw that a tornado had touched down in Fredericksburg and the storm cell was heading our way.  It was expected to be over us by 4:25.  Buddy had already found a hiding spot to wait out the storm.   He's terrified of thunder and fireworks.  Poor Buddy.  

But he quickly followed us to our closet.  Nathan grabbed some of his beloved toys and his friends and we hung out in our closet, a.k.a. the fourth bed room, for about 30 minutes.  We could fit a twin bed in there if we really wanted to.  Or a dresser island.

The storm finally passed and reports of the flooding and destruction were coming in.  South Lamar from 5th Street to 12th Street were under water.  Dams could not contain the volume of water that was flowing.  Some gave in and crumbled.  All this news coming in as the sky glowed red, orange and pink, cruelly taunting the city it just devestated.  I am thankful that we survived the storm.  I'm thankful that we have a house that protected us.  Some people were not as fortunate and my thoughts are with those people who lost their homes, their memories.  Those missing family members.  Hoping that  their loved ones will be found.  If you would like to help people affected by the floods, you can make a donation to the American Red Cross.  I hope ya'll had a safe and dry weekend.  

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