OOTD: Sideview

Yay it's Friday!  I bought these booties from Talbots, yes, Talbots, on sale about 4 years ago.  They were just to awesome to pass up.  And a photo from the front doesn't show their awesomeness.  You can't fully appreciate them unless you see them from the side.  And they do wonders for my short stumpy calves.  Ha.  

Booties: Talbots (similar here)
Purse: Chanel (similar here, here, and under $30 here!) 
Fedora: Target (similar here)

Yes.  I wore the fedora all day.  I figured if the Aggie can wear his navy blue A&M cap at the office, I can wear my fedora.  Although, if I were an Aggie I would think it would be blasphemy to wear anything with A&M on it in any color other than their standard maroon.  Just sayin'.  Ha.  I was honestely kind of shocked when I walked into the office one morning and saw him wearing it.  At first I thought it was black but when he emerged from his office cave, I realized it was navy.  Ha.  

Good thing I don't have plans tonight.  I'm going to have some serious hat head.  Ew.  Hope ya'll have a good weekend!

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