A decade ago, J thought it would be a good idea to buy me my first Louis.  Little did he know that would start my obsession with bags.  The neighbor asked if I got a new bag every year for my birthday or holidays at dinner on Friday.  I initially said no but after thinking about it, yeah.  Yeah I do.  Ha.  So to continue the tradition, J decided to buy me my first Chanel.  We had originally started looking at resale sites like Fashiophile and Tradesy but this being my first Chanel and our lack of knowledge on how to spot a fake or a superfake, we opted to just buy it new.  Plus, J even said that there's just a certain amount of excitement to opening up something brand new.  Especially for this type of a purchase.  

I've spent the last 5 years lugging around huge purses because I had to carry around diapers, bottles,  a change (or five) of clothes and Nathan's whole toy box.  But now that he's bigger and potty trained I don't need to haul around all his stuff.  And now that he runs EVERYWHERE, the last thing I want to do is try chasing him down while lugging around a huge purse.  So last month I found the cute and compact Marc by Marc Jacobs Karlie crossbody.  I loved it.  I loved that it had card slots and I could just grab it and go.  So when I was trying to pick a Chanel, I looked for something similar in size and function as the Karlie.  Originally I had put my name on the waitlist for a black, caviar Mini but after going home and doing some research, I discovered the Wallet on Chain.  It's just that.  A wallet on a chain.  It had the card slots that I liked in the Karlie.  The Mini did not have the card slots which meant I would have had to find something to hold my cards.  Which would then take up room inside the bag.  And as the name implies, the inside was mini.  So I liked that the wallet on a chain had the card slots leaving the inside of the bag open for carrying other things like my phone and lipgloss.  I liked that the wallet on chain had a zipper pocket where I could throw change or put receipts so they weren't just freefloating in the purse.  My purses are usually a rat's nest of receipts.  Ha.  I will usually be wearing it as a crossbody bag but I love that it's versatille and I can shove the strap inside to turn it into a clutch or  I can double the chain up and turn it into a shoulder bag for date night.  Or a workday.  :)  And I love how it can go from fancy...

Monday's Outfit
Shirt: Forever 21
Skirt: Banana Republic Factory Store (similar here)

to casual.

Tuesday's Outfit
Jacket: JCrew Factory Store
Shirt: Target
Jeans: American Eagle
Tory Burch 'Eddie' Flats

Saturday's Outfit
Wedges: Sam Edelman
Fedora: Target

To somewhere in between.

Today's outfit
Jacket: Elle from Kohl's
Old Navy Floral Maxi Tube Dress (Yes it's maternity.  No I'm not pregnant but I loved the dress anyway.  And it wasn't offered in non maternity.)

I've had it less than a week but already managed to almost ruin it.  I've never had a lipstick open on its own inside my bags.  As soon as I got my Chanel it turned into a lipstick magnet.  Looked in there as I was out grabbing lunch and found a brand new lipstick without a lid and all over the inside of my purse.  It even got on the leather side of it.  I sat at work the rest of the day twitching, wondering if I could get the lipstick off the bag once I got home.  

Luckily I was able to get it out with a mixture of Dawn and a lot of water using a toothbrush to lightly brush it out.  And voila.  It looks good as new again.  Thank goodness.  I guess I better start looking for a mini cosmetic bag to carry around my lipsticks in.  

Despite the mini heartattack on Tuesday, my Chanel is hands down the best birthday present ever. And J has even started talking about my next hypothetical Chanel.  Hopefully by the time I decide to get another one (not for a few years!) I will know a little more about how and where to buy a Chanel through some of the reputable resale shops.  Until then, I'll just enjoy my purse.  Hope ya'll are having a great week!  It's halfway over!  Woo hoo!

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