Birthday Haul and Recent Purchases

This week is pretty much repeats.  The three day weekend, the tornado scare and watching all the sadness on the news as a result of the flooding has left me less than motivated this week.  So I figured I would do a haul post since it's been a while.  While my Chanel was my mega present from J, my office and friends got me a few things as well. They all know about my love of Kendra Scott.  So my office bought me a generous gift card to pick out a new bauble.  I LOVED the Gretchen Necklace in Crackle Crystal but it was sold out a few weeks ago.  Last Wednesday, Kendra Scott announced their Memorial Day Sale.  I managed to get online and lo and behold the Gretchen was back and on sale!  Yay!  So I frantically tried to add it to my cart. Except that it kept getting taken out of my cart.  After about an hour persistence, I managed to get it to stay in my cart and proceeded to check out.  Well soon after I ordered my necklace, the site crashed.  So I was worried whether the order had actually gone through and if it would ship.  Before the end of the day, I had already received an e-mail notifying me that my order had shipped.  The joys of living where the Kendra Scott mothership is.  So while I was at dinner with the girls Thursday night, I got notification from Slice that it had been delivered.  Yay!  The headache of dealing with the slow site was totally worth it.  I love it!  Despite being such a large piece, it's surprisingly light and I was able to wear it all day on Friday.  I'm happy that I've finally found a necklace that I can wear to dress up a plain old t-shirt without it being overly ornate like some of my previous statement necklaces.

Shirt: Ann Taylor
Jeans: American Eagle
JCrew Factory 'Emery' Flats
Kendra Scott Gretchen Necklace in Crackle Crystal

Just another reason I love Kendra Scott.  As you all know, Austin was hit by some heavy rain and some areas flooded.  Kendra Scott has already released a statement saying that a significant portion of the proceeds from the weekend's sales to the American Red Cross of Central Texas.

I love Austin.  So glad to live in such an amazing city.  

At dinner with the girls Thursday night, I also got a few more Kendra Scott baubles but I already had them. They said they had been looking through my Pinterest page for ideas on what to get me and thought my Baubles page were things I wanted.  But the board was of things I had already purchased.  Ha.  So after dinner, we walked a few stores over from the restaurant and I exchanged the pieces they got me for the Phara Necklace in silver to go with the silver Elise pendant in irridescent drusy J got me for Valentine's Day.

But I'm not so sure if they look right together.  But I did also see a picture on the Kendra Scott Instragram feed of the Connely necklace paired with the Phara Necklace.  While I don't have the Connely necklace, I do have the Noelle necklace in silver that I think would look just as good with the Phara necklace.  So we'll see.  I'll have to play around with it.

In addition to my birthday goodies, I've bought a few things in the past week.  I've been obsessed with watching Fixer Upper and I love Joann's casual style.  And one of the pieces she often wears is an olive green field jacket.

I've seen several options from Nordstrom and Lucky Jeans but they were pricier than I want to pay. So I was pleasantly surprised to find this jacket from Target for under $40.  And last week Target had a promo for 30%.  So then it only came out $29.  Can't beat that price for this jacket.  It's comfy and came in handy last week when a freak cold front blew in early, early Thursday morning.  So that meant I needed a jacket. I ordered it in a size small.  Per usual as with all my jackets, the sleeves were a cuff too long.  But I was able to roll it up and it's no big deal.  I will probably change out the buttons on it.  The current ones are very military looking with a crest on them.  So I'll probably try and find a pretty boring brown one.  We'll see what I can find at the fabric store.  

Another purchase was this swing dress I got from Target during an early morning Target trip with my friend Nicole.  Nicole and her family just moved into a brand spankin' new house and needed to get some stuff from Target.  So she asked me to tag along.  Well twist my arm why don't ya.  And another benefit to shopping with her is that she informed me that clothes were 25% off using Cartwheel.  I honestly hadn't used Cartwheel in forever.  So long that I forgot how to even use it.  But like a ninja, Nicole grabbed my phone, added the coupon to my Cartwheel and saved me 25%.  Ha. 

Please excuse the mess on the island.  It has turned into Nathan's art studio.  Kid goes through a reem of paper a week.  

Last week Target had the 30% off going on so I couldn't resist ordering the stripe version of this dress.  It's a great chase Nathan around Austin dress.   Their current promo is buy one get one half off.  If it came in more colors I would totally buy more.  For now I better stop shopping for a while.  Ha.  

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