Weekend Shenanigans

Happy Monday Everybody!  Hope ya'll had a good weekend!  Weekends need to be three days so people can get more stuff done and try and get some rest from doing all that stuff.  As usual, our weekend was busy.  

I kicked off the weekend with a trip to the local nursery to pick out some flowers to go in our flower bed that J and his dad worked on last week.  We were originally going to have the landscapers install it when they came and installed the sod but they were saying sod delivery was three weeks out.  Now J's not normally the impatient one out of the two of us.  That's usually me.  But last week I was sitting at work and I started getting texts from J saying that him and his dad were going to get started on the flower bed.  Okay.  After working on it for two afternoons, we were ready for flowers.  And then that's when my impatience kicked in.  The weather forecast was predicting rain all weekend but Friday was nice and sunny.  So I met up with J's dad after work to pick out what I wanted in the flower garden.  J and Nathan had planned on meeting us there but Nathan fell asleep before they could make it out of the house.  After we picked the plants, we got them home and J's dad helped me decide where they should go.  After about 20 minutes of digging around, everything was in the ground.  

This was my inspiration for my flower choices.  

We couldn't figure out what the little yellow flowers were, so I settled for some pale yellow lantana.  The purple flowers are salvia.  And then I picked some pink knockout roses. 

Apparently those will produce flowers pretty much year round are pretty reslient to Texas weather. We'll see.  J's just worried about how much work he's going to have to put into maintaining my flower garden.  Ha.  Grading is supposed to be corrected and then sod is supposed to be delivered and installed later this week.  Just ahead of some rain that's forecasted for the end of the week.  Can't wait to finally have grass in the backyard.  

Saturday, we took a trip to Sesame Street.  J's the worst navigator.  I guess I'll cut him some slack because even GPS couldn't find Sesame Street.  Nathan has gone through a relove of Sesame Street within the last 6 months and is OBSESSED.  It was so cute to listen to him and the other kiddos try get their favorite characters to come visit them in the stands.  We had to tell them that they couldn't hear them.  As you can see, Nathan's favorite character is Cookie Monster.  

After family time, we dropped Nathan off at Casa de Nana's for the night and J and I went out for a few drinks to celebrate his birthday.  He says it'll be the last year he'll actually want to go out and do anything.  Since next year he'll be turning the big 4-0.  So we went to a bar that we had heard had a fooseball table.  It was pretty low key and we ended up back at our neighbors house to close out the night because one of them had to finish an assignment for school.  She didn't finish it until 11:00.  So just hanging out at their house made the most sense and then we could just walk home.  A gate between our two houses is in the works.  We say it's for the kids to go back and forth but we really know it's for us to not have to walk a street over at 1:30 in the morning carrying Nathan after he passes out over at their house.

Sunday, I spent most of the day recovering from a wicked whiskey hangover.  Oh.Em.Geeeeeeee. Never again.  Today people are still asking me if I'm getting sick.  No.  I just hurled my guts up.  And that's all I've got to say about that.  Mmmm...hmmmmm.  So it was a very low key day that consisted of taking Nathan to get a haircut, which has been 6 months in the making, while J went and worked on a client's computer.  Nathan hates haircuts.  I'm not above resorting to bribery.  So as we were driving to the hair cutter's shop the conversation went something like this.  

                          "Mommy, where are we going?"
                          "To get a haircut?"
                          "But I don't like haircuts."
                         "I'll take you anywhere you want to go if you go get a haircut.  Wanna go to Toys R                               Us?"
                         "No.  Terra Toys."
                         "No. No. No.  MT. PLAYMORE!!!!"
                         "Okay.  Wait.  Mommy's wearing a dress.  I can't go to Mt. Playmore."
                         "How about we go back to the house and you can change after I get my haircut and                               then we can go to Mt. Playmore?"

And that is how I got this to happen.  He even let her use the buzzers around his ears and on his neck which he used to shriek anytime he saw it even come out of the drawer.  He did start to get a little nervous towards the end of the cut because there was another little baby a few chairs over that was flipping out.  Oh how I remember those days but just in case we needed to get out of there pronto before Nathan decided to flip out himself.

And then as promised, we went to Mt. Playmore.  He loves that place.  He even shed a few tears when it was time to leave.   Nathan's never been a tantrum thrower when it's time to leave.  He'll get a little teary but that's about as emotional as he'll get.  Which was great because in the state I was in yesterday, I don't think I could handle a tantrum.  Ha.  I never thought I'd say this but I was so glad for this Monday to get here to end the pain.  Hope your week is off to a great start.  I know mine already is.  I can at least see straight without having to squint.  Ha.  

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