Weekend Shenanigans: No rest

Our weeks are pretty jam packed and crazy.  Or they seem that way.  And sadly, Nathan doesn't even participate in any extracurricular activities.  One of our neighbors has a teenage daughter who is on her middle school soccer team and plays club soccer.  And this same neighbor had two other children who are also involved in sports.  One is in soccer and the other is in flag football.  Holy cow. Talk about a juggling act.  Our heads spin just trying to get Nathan to school.

Weekends aren't any less chaotic.

Since this weekend was a three day weekend, the chaos kicked off early.  First on the agenda was I had to take Buddy to the the vet.  When J got home on Wednesday, he noticed that Buddy's eye was shut.  And when he did open it, it was oozing and red.  Thursday, he was able to open it but then by the end of the day it was shut again.  So I went ahead and took him to the vet.  He was diagnosed with an ulcer on the cornea.  So we were prescribed some eye drops that we were instructed to give him four times a day for a week.  But the vet seems to think it would take a t least two weeks to clear up.  And since Buddy has a tendency to rub his face on EVERYTHING, we were also sent home with the dreaded cone of shame so he wouldn't rub the meds off.  

He was pretty miserable.  We finally decided to just keep it on him for an hour after we gave him the drop, enough time for the meds to soak in and then take it off.  

And since I never can sleep in on the weekends due to the construction noise around us, I went ahead and scheduled a haircut.  I have been trying to grow out the bob and it is taking forever.  I also hadn't gotten a cut since October.  My hair just felt just a little lifeless, shapeless and heavy.  I only got about a half inch cut off but it feels so much better.  

After I got my new do, it was time to do some yard work.  We ordered some sod for our backyard a couple weeks ago and this is the current state of our backyard.  We needed to get it ready for the sod to get delivered this week.  It doesn't look like it would be that hard or take that much time to do, but this is what our backyard looked like after two weekends of laboring back there pulling these things.  And this is how our yard still looks.  

After a couple hours working in the backyard, Nathan finally came out and asked us why we were always pulling weeds.  Good question little dude.  So we called it a day and headed over to Mt.Playmore.  We went there a couple weeks ago for a birthday party and Nathan loved it and had been asking to go back.  Let me tell you something about Nathan.  He doesn't like not having one of us with him.  So J was getting dragged into the maze before I had even finished paying.  Talk about a workout.  Trying to keep up with him through those little tunnels was a challenge.  Good thing I'm already small.  When I finally ditched my jacket and purse I was really able to keep up.  Ha.

Sunday was of course Easter Sunday and Nathan was eager to go to service.  We met up with the in-laws at the church affiliated to Nathan's school.  He did okay for about the first 30 minutes of the service until he started to get restless.

So I'm going to admit.  J and I are quite the slacker parents when it comes to Easter.  We don't do Easter baskets.  Besides his first Easter, we haven't done any Easter Egg hunts.  He does one at school and we figure that if we manage to find any additional ones around town that's gravy and good enough.  So as we were driving home from Easter service we saw a sign for an egg hunt down the street at Kindred Oaks. So we got home, fed Nathan and headed over for the hunt.  Kindred Oaks is a wedding venue and it is gorgeous.  It had so many neat places to take pictures and not to mention find eggs.

We had been wanting to take his photo with the bluebonnets but he's been terrified about coming face to face with a rattle snake.  So when we saw this bench in the bluebonnets at Kindred Oaks he reluctantly agreed.  He was still worried about a snake jumping up and biting him but we managed to snap a picture before they caught onto us.  Ha.

Then it was backto the house to pull some more weeds and then over to Casa de Nana's for Easter dinner.  Whew.  Is it the weekend again yet?  I sure could use a nap.  Maybe I'll get to take one when Nathan is grown and married. Ha.

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