Lilly Pulitzer+Target Launch, Purchases and Reviews

Today the highly anticipated Lilly Pulitzer+Target collaboration hit the stores.  I wasn't sure if I was going to trek to Target to try and get anything but I was up at 6 this morning due to getting lots of sleep yesterday because I felt like crud.  So I figured I might as well.  I pulled up to the Target at about 7:20 and there were only about 7 other ladies in line at that time.  So I joined them.  I've never gone to opening days for any of the previous collaborations but I had heard stories.  Scary stories. About 20 minutes before the doors opened, a Target employee came out to tell us some rules:  No running, no pushing, no shoving, no being rude.  If you are any of the above, you would be removed from the store.  They assured us that there was plenty of merchandise.  Look, they even hired extra security to keep us crazy people in line.  

That cat just sat there watching us all sit there waiting for the doors to open.

As opening time drew closer, the line started to get longer.  I'd say there were about 50 of us at that point.  Then at about 5 minutes before opening, the manager came out to go over the rules again. And then it was game time.  Ha.  

Since I was seventh in line, I was able to just zip through the store and straight to the racks with the two things that I really wanted.  

The first thing I had my eye on was this Lilly Pulitzer Nosie Posey Strapless Maxi Dress.  

I am really happy with the fit of this dress.  Because it has an elastic waist, I can pull it up and fold the top over it and shorten it.  Which means, no alterations necessary.  Yay!  I hate having to have stuff altered.  It's the perfect piece for the summer. 

This Lilly Pulitzer Crochet Tank Top was the second piece that I was really hoping to get.  I have several tops similar to this but they are not lined so I have to wear something under them.  And most of the time, I can't ever find those under shirts because they're usually in the laundry.  Ha.  Plus, this shirt reminds me so much of the Lela Rose top I got during the Neiman Marcus+Target collaboration from 2012 that is one of my absolute favorite tops.  

And just for giggles, here are some of the items that I didn't end up buying.  

I was hoping this Giraffing Me Crazy Flounce Dress would look better than it did but there was just way too much extra fabric up top.  
Same for this dress.  Same style.  Just in the Sea Urchin pattern.  I will say the only good thing the two flounce dresses had going for them was that it made me look like I had a tinee tiny waist.  But if the rest of the dress makes me look like crap, it's a definite no.  

I decided to be brave and try on this Happy Place Romper.  On the hanger I thought it was cute.  This was another piece that made me look like I had a tinee tiny waist but something just looked off on it. And then I realized there were weird flaps on the sides of the legs that just accentuated my post Nathan ice cream gut that will never go away.  That excess fabric just made me look wider in the leg area.  So this was another piece I went ahead and passed on.  
I will say that fit wise, everything fit me true to Target sizing.  I can't say how they fit compared to Lilly items because I don't own any Lilly.  But I do shop at Target.  A little more than J would like.  Ha.  

Once I was done trying on clothes, I then made my way over to the home section and found this cute little beach bag.  It was only $15 and I thought it would be a great replacement for Nathan's Angry Bird backpack that we've been using for our Sea World trips.  

And as I was waiting in line, Ms. St. Louis texted me asking me if I could find and get here some Pom Pom scarfs.  Luckily they were right by the front door and I grabbed them as I was going to the dresses.

Overall, I will say that the store that I went to was probably a lot more civil and calm than stores that I heard about elsewhere. I had read that some stores wouldn't allow customers to purchase duplicates of the same piece to try and ensure that everybody was able to get the items they wanted.  I guess that wasn't the policy here in Texas because I saw this lady clean Target out.

The manager's statement that there was plenty of merchandise prior to doors opening was a joke. There was no merchandise left after SEVEN minutes.  SEVEN.  When I got to the rack with the maxi dress I wanted, I only saw two of each size per item.  And that was for only the items they actually carried in store.  Many items were not sold in store and only available online.  Their site is notorious for crashing the day of a launch.  So I didn't even bother wasting my time.  Figured my time was better spent sleeping.  There are a few items I still want so I will check the website later in the week once items start getting returned.  After all, that is how I managed to score my Neiman Marcus+Target collaboration pieces.  But that collaboration has also been deemed one of the biggest collaboration flops.  So that could explain why I was able to get my two shirts.  I might not get that lucky with this collaboration.  If not, oh well.  I'm sure I'll find something else to shop for.  :)  

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