Weekend fun: Parktime and sunshine!

The weather this week was just horrible.  It was cold.  It was soggy.  It was gross.  But it all went away just in time for the weekend.  While Nathan was sick, he enjoyed lots of daddy time.  So when it was time for him to go back to school, he was contantly telling us and his teachers that he was sick in an attempt to go home.  Nice try kiddo.  He was reduced to tears last Monday at drop off.  When I tried to tell him he was going to get to play with his friends, he sobbed that daddy was his friend.  And he wanted to go home and play with daddy.  My heart kind of broke and it was kind of hard for me not to tear up when I heard that.  So after some texting with J during the day (because we needed to figure out a solution pronto!) we decided that J would start doing drop offs and that Nathan and I would have a Nathan and me day on the weekends that usually means outtings and playdates.  Now, when J suggested that he start dropping of Nathan in the morning I was a little apprehensive because Nathan obviously already has major J attachment and separation anxiety issues.  And I thought that J taking him to school would worsen those issues.  But J also pointed out that we've gotten really bad reports at the end of his day.  So in an effort to try and help him have better days at school, J thought it might be helpful for him to drop Nathan off in the mornings.  Which adds more to J's already overflowing day since he also does pickup.  If the mom's at Nathan's school didn't already think he was a single dad (yes a mom actually asked him that) I'm sure this new arrangement will bring lots of gossip among the moms at pick up of whether I'm ill or dead.  Neither is the case but again we'll do what we need to in order to ensure Nathan has a good day.  So far the new arrangement seems to be working.

So that's phase one of our plan.  Phase two involves Nathan and me time.  Which isn't a totally new concept to us.  When Nathan was about a year old, he was really attached to J.  So attached that just the sight of me sent him into hysterics.  So while J snored in on Saturday morning, Nathan and I would venture out: to Target, to the Children's Museum, to the park, playdates, brunch with our friends.  Pretty much anything so we could spend some time together.  I think those early Nathan and mommy days are the reason why he LOVES Target.  Sorry J!  After a few months of that routine, he finally liked hanging out with both of us.  And it's been that way for a while now.  Until Sickpocolypse 2015.  And then it was like he was one again.  He only wants to play with J.  He's turned into a hermit because he only wants to stay home and play with J.  The weather was gorgeous this weekend, so I Nathan and I went out an adventure.  First on the agenda was to go to Target to try and find a die cast Doc Hudson from the movie, Cars.  Unfortunately, our search was unsuccessful but he was okay with that.  Like I said, he loves Target and was happy just going to his happy place.  Ha.  The Target we went to was right next door to a At Home and I have been trying to find some greenery to put under the candles in these glass candle holders.

So Nathan humored me and we ventured over to take a look at what they had.  I had some green stuff in my hand but couldn't make up my mind but there was no question that this mirror B was coming home with us.  I had been wanting an initial for a while now but hadn't found one that felt like me until I found this one.  Now I just need to figure out where to put it.

After a quick stop back to the house to pick up some of his toys and the dog, we headed down the street to the playground.  It's a small playground but he loves it.  He still gives us a ration of crap about the fact that we had to leave the playscapes that the in-laws bought him for his birthday with the old house.  I was not interested in trying to disassemble, move and reassemble that thing.  Nor was I interested in paying the half the price of a brand new structure to have somebody else move it.  So, once we get grass put down in the backyard (hopefully next month) we'll start looking into the playscape options that are available right now.  

Buddy even wanted to play with Nathan on the playscape.  He pretty much follows Nathan everywhere.  And if he's not with Nathan, I'll ask him where his mini human is.  Which Buddy will usually respond by looking up at me and then Nathan will jump out from his hiding place.  They are best buddies and co-conspirators.  

Saturday night, I left Nathan in J's capable hands and went to my friend Erin's house.  I met Erin when we both worked at the Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Academy and we have stayed friends since.  She has lots of hobbies.  One of her newest hobbies is making cake pops.  She had some really cute ones for her daughter's birthday party back in November.  We all oooohhhh'ed and ahhhhh'ed at them before we devoured them.  Well, this weekend she decided to host a cake pop making party for Valentine's Day.  How fun and creative!  Let me just say that make pop making seems so much easier in theory than in practice.  It is hard and MESSY.  Not something for little patience and ADD (ME!) to take on.  Ha.  So for your entertainment, I present to you, my attempt at making cake pops.  Ha!

Left: Flower
Center: Rose.  Yeah.  I have no idea.  
Right: Owl.  Little owl lost his wing by the time he got home.  Poor guy.
Kudos to the professional bakers that make these.  It takes some skill that I obviously do not have.  Ha.  

Sunday I woke up before the boys and tried to get in a 10 mile run.  I ended up cutting it short at just over 8 miles because I was running out of runnable road that wouldn't require me run on the busy road and I was afraid I would get the call that Nathan was awake.  So I ended up running home.  

After that it was a day of play, play, play.  We went and met up with Nathan's BFF from school at a park for some playtime.  You know, in an attempt to get him out of the house and get him playing with other kids.  It went really well because their personalities are so similar.  We stayed there for about an hour and a half and then were about to go get some food when I realized our neighbor had messaged me asking if we were home and if we wanted to come over and drink.  Because our neigborhood *cough* our two houses *cough* are going to be *those* houses.  But she had sent the message an hour earlier.  So we made a beeline back to the house and just kind of rolled by the house to find out she was next door.  Perfect.  I needed to meet that neighbor anyway.  J had already met her neighbor while he was out walking Buddy and I still hadn't met her yet.  Great lady and her three adorable kids.  And Nathan was in Heaven playing with everybody's toys.  So J and I drank, while Nathan played.  Before we knew it, we had been there for four hours.  Our neighbor invited us back over to their house and shared some brisket her husband had smoked before he went out of town that morning and Nathan did some more playing.  I can get used to this.  We have already decided that both of our houses will be planting gardens and that we need to coordinate which veggies we plant so we can share.  We've also declared that we will be doing Sunday Funday every Sunday.  Yep.  Cool neighbors?  Check.  Kiddos Nathn's age?  Check.  Everything we wanted when we moved.  Looking forward to many more fun Sunday Fundays at this house and in this neighborhood.  :)  OMG and I'm exhausted.  Looking forward to vegging at the house with Nathan while J tries to get some work done tonight.  We'll see how that goes.  See ya'll tomorrow.  

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