Weekend Shenanigans: Big Boy

This weekend was a big deal at our house.  At 11 o'clock on Friday night our doorbell rang.  And two men delivered the most glorious thing ever.  Nathan's big boy bed.  Up until now, Nathan had been sleeping in our bed with us.  Yes.  I know.  Judge all ya want.  I really don't care.  We liked having Nathan in bed with us.  And that's all I'm going to say about that because I really don't feel like I need to explain that decision.  Anyway, the bed got delivered.  We had been trying to mentally prepare Nathan for the inevitable.  I had him help me choose his bedding.  He's been obsessed with Monster trucks these days so I wasn't surprised when he picked this bedding set when I showed it to him.

I will say it was hard to find a bedding set for him.  The in-laws have a full headboard and footboard that they are painting for Nathan's room.  We just had to pick the bedding and decide on a color.  But all the cute bedding that I was finding was twin size bedding.  I managed to find this on eBay of all places.  Quality wasn't the best but if it means him sleeping in his bed, I don't care.  I washed it, doused it in fabric softener and it seemed help a lot. 

He kept saying he'd be scared.  I told him all his animal friends would protect him.  I finally resorted to bribery.  Funny thing about Nathan is, he doesn't play those games.  We try bribery and then he says he doesn't want xyz for doing whatever it is we are trying to get him to do.  Our only ace in the hole was Friday after school, he went to the playground with his little buddy.  His little buddy had brought a toy to school and Nathan asked and pleaded with his friend to see it.  But his friend refused to let Nathan see it.  Jason said Nathan was so crushed.  So as they were driving home from school that day, from the back seat J heard Nathan say that if he slept in his bed, he wanted the toy his friend had.  Done.  Now let the challenge begin.  Ha.  After the bed got delivered, I put his bedding on and he immediately started jumping up and down on it.  Then it was time.  Time for bed.  There were a few tears and then he asked if I would sleep with him.  I did end up sleeping with him in his bed the first night.  He fell asleep in five minutes.  I will probably continue to sleep with him until we get a side gaurd for his bed.  He has a tendency to roll.  So I want to make sure we have a barrier to prevent him from rolling off the bed and onto the dog.  As you can see, Buddy didn't wander very far from his mini human.

Saturday, we scurried off to Sea World to redeem Nathan's Preschool Pass before he turns 5 next month and he isn't eligible for the promotion.  We have been taking advantage of the Preschool Pass for the last two seasons.  The Preschool Pass gives free admission for the whole season to children under 5.  You have to go to the Sea World website and sign your preschooler up for the pass, then take the pass, with your preschooler's birth certificate or passport (some sort of identification) and that's it.  In the past, they only offered the Preschool Pass for the Sea World portion of park.  But this year, they were offering it for Sea World and Aquatica.  According to the website the cost for a year pass just to Sea World is $94.25.  For Sea World and Aquatica the price was $93.56.  So the Preschool Pass saved us $93.56.  Woo hoo!  If your kiddo is under 5 and you are interested in learning more about the Preschool Pass you can get more info and sign them up here.  We got Nathan's Preschool Pass and were about to head in and realized that J's pass season pass had expired.  Whoops.  I forgot that I had gotten him a season pass and I had gotten me the yearly pass that didn't expire until June.  So what better time to have some quality Nathan and me time than at Sea World.  So I handed J the keys to the car and he wandered around San Antonio for an hour while Nathan and I ventured around Sea World.  My friends have all raved about the Sesame Street Bay of Play in the past but everytime we walked past it, it was always packed.  This weekend it was pretty empty so we ventured in.  Plus Nathan specifically requested to go in there because he has been OBSESSED with Sesame Street these days.  So I'm glad that there was another part of Sea World for us to explore.  When we got into the Bay of Play I could see what all my friends raved about.  There was a little splash pad area and a huge climbing structure.  My cautious little guy was a little hesitant to go up it at first but after a few minutes of thinking about it, he climbed up the netting.  Oh so very cautiously I might add. 

 He also saw his favorite Sesame Street friends but he only wanted to see them from a distance.  

I'm glad we got our trip to Sea World in on Saturday while it was nice and warm because Sunday was drizzly and cold.  And since we spent most of Saturday in the car (Nathan has finally become one of those "Are we there yeeeeettt?" travelers) that Sunday was the perfect day to just stay inside and let him play.   We did venture out for dinner with the family of one of Nathan's best friends from school.  It was great to get together with another family who have similar war stories with their kiddo and exchange notes on how to deal with some of the challenges the kiddos (and dogs!) throw at us.  Can't wait for the adventures this next week and weekend have in store for us.

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