OOTD: Layers

It was another cold and gray day today.  I thought we lived in Texas.  I feel like we live in Seattle. What gives?  So I decided that I needed to dress in some brights and layers since nothing is warm enough to keep me warm.  Can a heated blanket be considered an accessory?  I can use the cord as a belt. 

Buttery soft leather jacket: Michael Kors
Vest: Old Navy
Shirt: Loft
Jeans: American Eagle
Boots: Tommy Hilfiger

I hadn't planned on wearing the jacket but it was sitting in my car.  After I sprinted Nathan to Casa de Nana's in just the shirt and vest I thought it might be a good idea to throw on the extra layer.  It's so warm and buttery soft.  And it smells so good.  Especially when I have my space heater going at my desk.  Helps mask the smell of skunk that was wafting through the building.  We've got a skunk problem and we've caught two this week.  I at least hope the released Flower 1 and Flower 2 somewhere they can be stinky away from humans.  Hopefully the office won't stink tomorrow but I'm not holding my breath.  Or maybe I should.  

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